Monday, 25 August 2008

Gallery Twenty One

Methinks you're pointing the finger in the wrong direction Mister Mitchell but then you already know that don't you.

Despicable cunt.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Gallery Twenty

Brown visits Leicester nick September 2007

Blog News

I have moved a couple of opinion pieces over to a new blog, Good Quality Wristbands.
Better I think to post text articles there than to clutter the Galleries up with such stuff.

I don't expect that I shall be a prolific poster of my own opinions, in truth it is distasteful enough putting the graphics together let alone actually writing about the odious pair, but I shall feature some of the more interesting postings of others.

That's the intention, who knows where it will go?

I was however a prolific poster on my big blog, Only In America, that was until I felt I was drowning in stupid, cant, hypocrisy, piety and repression.

Then of course there was always a large helping of God thrown into the mix, him being a white Baptist n'all that spoke Americanese to his chosen people in his chosen land.

But it was the stupid in the end that got to me, from top to bottom and from sea to shining sea the whole country is awash in stupid and it was that stupidity that took me from blogging two thousand posts in one year to not being able to write another word about the goddamn place.

That said I do think I posted some eye opening and interesting stuff and if you're inclined pay it a visit and check out some of the labels there is some mind blowing stuff to be found there.

I obviously do not include in that stupid sorry bunch the left wingers and atheists that I came to know through blogging, they being little islands of common sense and reality in a sea of stupid.

Why am I telling you this? well I did start off with the intention of explaining what the future format of Good Quality Wristbands might be but I seem to have gone orf on a tangent, still what harm?

What harm indeed, for I have never posted the true reason that I stopped blogging.

So now you know.



Only In America

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Gallery Nineteen

You're probably aware by now that I don't do PC, but by the same token I don't do overt sexism, so ladies I beg forgiveness for this one. Baad Man.




The prime minister was speaking at the opening day of the Edinburgh Book Festival - yada yada yada.