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A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie - English Version


Goncarlo Amaral's A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie, presently under a temporary gagging order in Portugal, can be read in English at any of the following sites.

From My Big Desk - Anna Andress, without who's tireless efforts in translating from the French to English, none of this would be possible. If you feel inclined you might show her a little love.

Goncarlo Amaral Truth Of The Lie Blogspot. Tribute blog with lots of other information.

The Truth About The Lie Blogspot, plain text easy to read.

And a worthy read it is I may add, little wonder the two people charged with keeping their daughter safe, though not as yet charged with her demise, are desperate to keep the book out of Britain.

It will be bad enough for them that it is freely available to be read online, but to have it staring out of every bookshop window in the land must be stuff of nightmares.

Doctors McCann, hiding a cadaver [corpse occultation] and simulation of a crime [faking the crime of kidnapping] lying and fraud, J'accuse!

Again, many thanks to Anna Andress for bringing us all the English translation of A Verdade Da Mentira, The Truth About The Lie.

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Thoughts For Today - The CEOP

I don't suppose you would have to gather them all into the one place, most are damning enough stood alone, sufficient in their own right; be it the Case Files, observed behaviour, the extraordinary mechanism of the McCann Machine of destruction, Straw Men that litter ground like blossom in may, the woefully inadequate press, statistics, and all the other elements that contribute in making this case just what it is, no that wouldn't be completely necessary.

Unnecessary perhaps, but not a difficult task nonetheless. Given then that these elements are so readily available, give then that these elements are no shrinking Violets, that they enjoy fame as equally as they enjoy infamy, given then these things.

That a UK Government organisation, one that is specifically charged with the protection of children, that this organisation should then invite Gerry McCann to speak at it's seminar, not but it is a scandal, not but it is a travesty, but that it is an outrage.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Gerry McCann Punch & Judy Show with Special Guest Jim Gamble

I can resist anything but temptation, and once the idea got hold, it just had to be.

Eddie doesn't really work, but it's such a small gallery so he's here to pad it out a little.

Gerry McCann To Be Guest Speaker Of CEOP

Gerry McCann is a guest speaker of the CEOP at this event.

Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions
A One Day Conference, Tuesday 26 January 2010. School of Oriental and African Studies, Bloomsbury, London

No of course you didn't drug your kids, we believe you.

And no show would be complete without Judy.

Err uhm well err well err we'd been working really hard it might not have been physically searching, but in our own way......

For fuck's sake woman!

Or should that be no show without Toby.

Anything you say will be ignored

Anything you say

Madeleine McCann - the guilty websurfer
by Jon Clements 3/11/09

Among the many interesting comments made by Jim Gamble, Britain's most senior child trafficking and abuse cop, about the disappearance of Madeleine was his theory about how whoever was involved would be regularly checking the internet to see if the net is closing in.

Gamble believes the new viral advert will "rattle" the offender or offenders because "every time you search for updates about where the investigation is you will meet this prompt to your conscience".

His willingness to discuss the case was a welcome relief after two and half years of complete silence from Leicestershire police, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Gamble was reluctant to offer his own theory of what happened in Praia da Luz saying it "didn't matter" if Madeleine was taken for trafficking, or sexual exploitation or by some "deluded soul" who wanted to raise their own child.

Two words which did not pass his lips at any point, however, were "kidnap" and "abduct". Instead the case was strictly referred to as a "disappearance".

One thing Gamble did make clear, however, was his passionate belief that the advert would help find Madeleine and that it was still possible she remained alive.

"Statisticians do that most awful thing", he said. "They take away people's hope".

Old post or not, twelve hours plus is plenty of time to respond, so here's my comment left yesterday.

Perhaps Jim Gamble might be kind enough to share with us the evidence that supports these most unlikely scenarios that you mention, be it "rattled" abductor, or "deluded soul" just wanting a child to love.

Now from whom have I heard the likes of that before, just give me a moment? Ah yes, David Edgar, that's the fellow, Dave Edgar, he of, "Madeleine held in a secret lair" notoriety, paid lackey of the McCanns, beg pardon that should read, McCann's private investigator.

Not for one moment that I am suggesting Jim Gamble is a lackey, well not of the McCanns per se, but I do wish Mr Gamble would share any such evidence he holds that supports Madeleine McCann being abducted in the first instance.

Whether I be a natural worrier I don't really know, but it bothers me somewhat that Jim Gamble, and as such the CEOP, are putting their weight behind the theory that Madeleine McCann was indeed abducted, based upon what I ask?

Because "Gerry McCann says she was," is hardly a basis for the mighty machine of the CEOP to roll into action in support of such a theory is it? And the last time I looked, and believe me, I look often, because "Gerry McCann says she was" was the sum total of the "evidence" in support of an abduction.

So I entreat Mr Gamble to share with us any such evidence that he might hold regarding this case, other than of course, Gerry McCann says she was, because that quite frankly, isn't good enough, is it?


Gerry McCann is a guest speaker of the CEOP at this event.

Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions
A One Day Conference, Tuesday 26 January 2010. School of Oriental and African Studies, Bloomsbury, London

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Evidence Supporting The Abduction of Madeleine McCann

And that's all there is, not one scrap of evidence to support an abduction, not a hair, not a fibre, not a skin cell, not even a fingerprint, other than those left by Kate McCann of course.

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Leicester Plod's New Year Message: Go Fuck Yourselves

Chapter 21 A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie - Goncalo Amaral

~ ~ ~
The real reason plod is so reluctant to share couldn't possibly be that their files wouldn't stand scrutiny, could it?

I shall try and expand this tomorrow if possible, but time may be of the essence on the morrow, and late enough this evening that I have borrowed Joana's text complete with highlights.

Madeleine police files under wraps

Thousands of British police files detailing the hunt for Madeleine McCann will not be released unless those behind her disappearance are brought to justice.

Senior Leicestershire Police officers have remained tight-lipped about their role co-ordinating the search for the toddler since she vanished from a Portuguese holiday resort in May 2007.

But analysts at the force have drawn up a list detailing the mass of information they have gathered and considered whether they would ever release any of it to the general public.

The paperwork includes everything from correspondence with Government ministers, minutes of police meetings, details of leads and sightings to copies of letters from the McCann family.

Leicestershire Police said they will not release any information while the inquiry is ongoing and will never reveal the tactics of their investigation. But internal documents suggest some papers may eventually be published.

They stated: "Anything in relation to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will not be released whilst it remains ongoing.

"Consideration may be given to releasing certain material, ie, that which would not reveal police tactics, when the circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance are fully known and the person/people involved have been brought to justice and a suitable period for any appeal has elapsed."

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, disappeared on May 3 2007 from Praia da Luz, nine days before her fourth birthday.

An investigation into her disappearance was carried out by the Portuguese police, supported by Leicestershire Police.

The force is responsible for co-ordinating British inquiries under the codename Operation Task.

in Press Association

From the Leicestershire Police, released on 18th December 2009: Operation Task Publication strategy

I have chopped this about and consolidated it into one for convenience, the questions are academic because no matter what it is you wish to know the answer is invariable.

~ ~ ~


These are the emails emanating from Leicestershire plod relating to Gail Cooper's statement, I only use these as an example because I am familiar with them.
Of others similar I am sure there are many, if not in content then in tone.

Although I have highlighted some of the passages that show the extraordinary familiarity that exists between plod and McCann, might I ask you to look at the thing as a whole.

Now a cop I ain't, but when I read what is writ here, and let us not forget, McCann is still an arguido, he is at this time the chief suspect of the Portuguese authorities.

Given that this is his status in the affair I do find a couple of things rather odd. If we read the tone that is prevalent throughout these communications, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that Leicestershire plod know something.

Something they are privy to, something that has Rebelo stamped all over it, something that suggests that this is not an investigation at all, that in fact it's just the dotting of the "i"s and the crossing of the Ts prior to the whole thing being swept under the rug.

I don't know how investigations are run, but surely they are not run like this, not with the suspect in tripartite discussions with the two police forces charged with solving the case of a missing three year old, surely not.

3965 to 3972 Service information re: Gail Cooper & artist impression
15-Processos Vol XV Page 3966

Date: 16th January 2008
From: Stuart Prior

To: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Forward sketch

Annexes: BK – MM present at (sic) Jan 08, Gail Cooper (2) doc, Paul Gordon (3) doc, Trudy dawkin (2) doc, tanner description 2 doc,
Summary of second statement Tanner doc.

Please get back to me as soon as possible with your instructions.

The power point attached was completed by the McCanns but the statements were all taken by UK police.

The Jane Tanner description was taken from the press and also from the summary of her statement.

Does Paolo want the sketches showing to Paul Gordon or do we want to get a new sketch prepared by Paul. There is some urgency around this as we need to decide prior to the Gail Cooper artist impression appearing in the UK press.

Does he want Gail re-interviewing re the new information.

Do you want the husband and son (although this may be difficult due to the son’s medical condition) of Gail Cooper interviewing.

Do you want the other witness, the friend of Alfred Schuurman’s tracking down if they are in the UK.

How are you going to deal with possible press issues.

What are you planning around Mr Kennedy or the private investigation firm.

We do not have Afred Schuurman or Gail’s husband or son in our system.

Gail Porter’s statement was sent to Portugal on 23rd May and Paul Gordon’s was sent to Portugal prior to 14th May.

I will need to get back to the McCanns as he asked to be updated, how would Paolo want this conducting and what information am to provide them They are very excited about this potential lead.

Give me a call back.



3982 to 3983—Witness statement of Gail Cooper 2007.05.21 (in English)
3996 Email re: Gail Cooper’s latest statement (English)
3997 to 4002—Witness Statement of Gail Cooper 2007.01.16 (in English)

Omitted, can be viewed here.


4003 to 4004 Email from Stuart Prior to the PJ (in English)
15-Processos Vol XV Page 4003 to 4004



Date: 18th January 2008

From: Stuart Prior

To: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: BC4 Memo, Gail Cooper doc. Gail Cooper statement, Iris Morgan doc, report Morgan doc, Rex Morgan doc.


All the docs attached in this and the next two emails as discussed earlier today.

We are still working on one or two aspects and I will get back to you over this and for any further direction from yourselves over facial recognition.

As we have discussed I have given Gerry a brief update just saying that the other descriptions are different to the artists impressions completed by Gail and identified by Jane. That the witnesses appeared genuine which indicates a number of charity collectors in the area prior to Madeleine being taken. I informed him everything has been forwarded to yourselves.

We have not spoken with Jane at all and will not share our e fits with anybody except yourselves unless you request this from us. It appears there were at least three charity collectors if not more in the area in the weeks prior to Madeleine being taken.

I am told that the artist impression by Gail Cooper is likely to hit the media over the weekend and I will update you on the effects of this next week, although we are not involved in this in any way at all.

Hope all is well.

Spk soon.



4005 to 4006 Further information re: Gail Cooper (in English)


Date 18th January 2008

From: Graham Michael

To: Stuart Prior

Dear Ricardo

Please see the attached information for your attention and consideration

Rex Morgan
He is the father of Linda Simms who contacted us to report males in P da luz who had been collecting money for a local charity. A statement has been obtained from him along with a statement from his wife, Iris Morgan.

Iris Morgan has also completed an e fit image and she was also shown the sketch completed by Gail Cooper. She does not recognise this individual. The e fit does not match the sketch.

Denise Ashton
She has been shown the sketches completed by Gail Cooper and she does not recognise this person as the individual. A statement will be forwarded to you on Monday 21st January.

Charlotte Pennington
I have spoken with Charlotte Pennington this morning and she has no additional information to give. She confirms that she was statemented by the PJ very shortly after Madeleine went missing and she recalls making further contact when the e fit regarding the alleged sighting in Belgium was in the media. She has been spoken to by a private investigator (Neil Hogan) working on behalf of Método 3. Charlotte assured me that she has only relayed to him the same information that she has already given to the PJ and to me (per email dated 7th August 2007).




The light blue highlights below may be of little or no significance, I don't really know why I highlighted what I did, maybe it's the stretch from penny ante con man to Child abductor extraordinaire, or maybe, given the McCanns were still arguidos and squarely in the frame by any policing standards, it all has the smell of bullshit about it.

But the heavy blue highlight is a different animal altogether.

Rich men throw money at causes all the time, be they worthy or not. Now our rich man in question, Brian Kennedy, doesn't seem content to just throw his few bob in, he feels he has to actively involve himself in the case.

What I do find odd about Kennedy, is whenever we hear about his active involvement, there always seems to be a witness somewhere in the equation. As I say, most odd.


4005 to 4006 Further information re: Gail Cooper (in English)
15-Processos Vol XV Page 4005

Leicestershire Constabulary

From: DC Burrows

To: DI Graham Op Task

Date: 17-01-2008

Subject: Gail Cooper

I report with reference to the above.

On Wednesday 16th January 2008 I spoke to the above person in relation to a sighting of a suspicious male on P da L beach on 20th April 2007 and the again on 22nd April 2007.

Gail had previously made a statement to the police regarding a male attending her villa on Friday 20th April 2007 where he was asking for money for an orphanage.
She maintains the information is correct in that statement.

She went on to say that since making that statement she had not given the circumstances much thought and believed that the information she had given the police had been dealt with accordingly and that the male did not feature in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. She believed that he was some sort of con man.

It was not until the 7th January 2008 when her attention was drawn to an article in the Daily Mirror where a report stated that a man had reported a similar incident regarding a male asking for money for an orphanage. The newspaper featured a telephone number asking people with any information to contact them.

Gail stated it was her daughter P***** who contacted the Daily Mirror and gave them Gail’s mobile number. The newspaper then contacted her rather than Gail phoning them herself.

She stated she told them about the incident where a man had come to her villa collecting money for the orphanage on Friday 20th April. (As per her original statement).

I asked Gail why she did not mention the other two potential sightings of the male on Friday 20th April and Sunday 21st (sic) April to either the police when she made her first statement and also when she first spoke to the Daily Mirror.

She said it never crossed her mind and she never gave it a thought on either occasion. It wasn’t until her daughter prompted her about it that she remembered the male on the beach believing it was the same man who had attended the villa. She stated she did not see the full relevance of it until the article in the newspaper appeared.

Gail was asked about further involvement with the media and she stated as far as she was concerned there would be no further publications.

She was advised accordingly in dealing with the media and to date she has not had any problems, other than a photographer was sent to her mother’s address which she did not particularly want.

She mentioned a man called Brian Kennedy who was working for the McCanns. H e had sent an artist down to do a sketch of the man she saw at the villa.

I asked her if she had seen the previous suspect sketch which had been in the media for several months. She said she may have done in passing but had not paid any particular attention to the media and very rarely had a newspaper.

She had been told by the media that it may appear in the News of the World but as far as she was aware there had been nothing in the paper last Sunday (13.01.08).

I asked her about her son who she had mentioned in her previous statement as having health problems. She stated he is a paranoid schizophrenic and has to take strong medication. Although we did not see him, Gail strongly advised us he would not be capable of making a statement because of this.

I submit this report for your attention.

C. Burrows.

h/t Pamalan gerrymccannsblogs Gail cooper

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Jane Tanner Liar

This is a repost.


Fact: Jane Tanner became the principal and only witness regarding the sighting of " a stranger carrying a child" who went on to become the corner stone of the McCann's abduction story.


All emphasis mine, this is a much slimmer and easier to comprehend version of a previous post.

Firstly let me set the scene, this extract from Amaral's book.

Two contradictory lists and a torn children's book

The first investigator who went to the apartment after the alarm was raised was informed of the existence of a plan for checking on the children while the parents dined one hundred metres away.

At the time, Russell O'Brien handed over two lists handwritten on the inside cover of a children's book, a sticker activity book for children more than 3 years of age. We believe the book was Madeleine's and we do not understand why they tore off the cover of the child's book.

A child had just gone missing and all its belongings should be precious to those who loved her. Was there really no other paper around? Not even a simple napkin? The question hangs in the air and the response is yet another contradiction. The lists contained the possible record of the checks in the apartment.

That it was Madeleine's book is not vital to the case but it is a good indicator to what was seemingly transpiring in apartment 5A at the time the alarm was raised.
Not Vital as I say, but worth remembering when I pose a question a little later on.

The next Extract from Russell O'Brien's Rogatory interview does give us two pieces of information, one extremely important piece of information is that it places Gerry McCann in the apartment at the time O'Brien was writing the timeline, at the same table in fact, and the other: "I thought it was a cereal box" is worth remembering.

But it is the time that is the critical component in all this

In response to a question from Leicester plod.

Reply Russell O'Brien........ at some stage sort of quietened off and the, the PJ sat down with, you know, came in and sat down with Gerry....

(I thought) that we were writing on the back of a piece of card,I thought it was a cereal box but obviously it was a children’s book,

that (it) was written with me sat at the table in Kate and Gerry’s room. Gerry by this point had certainly calmed down but was, his head was just on the table, you know, like that, he was just staring at the, at the table, very, very quiet and very, very low.
Question Leicester plod....
LP. “Was the first attempt, the earlier attempt as you say. When was this drafted up”?

Reply Russell O'Brien
Erm this was drafted er *around the time that the initial pair of Officers from the PJ came to 5A
I can certainly recall writing some of this, I think perhaps the neat, maybe the neater version erm sat down at the table in Gerry’s flat...

Let us now look at some bits from Jane Tanner's Rogatory statements.

I didn’t want to say to Kate at that point, which might sound odd now, you know, ‘Oh why wouldn’t you say straight away to Kate’, but, you know, the thought of telling the mother of a child that you might have seen being carried away is, it’s too horrible to even say.

The nitty gritty.

4078 (Leic plod) “Sorry, was that on the night that Madeleine had disappeared?”

JT.“That was at three o’clock in the morning after she’d disappeared, yeah”.

LP. "So when you went into Gerry and Kate’s apartment who else was there?”

JT. “Erm, I think there was Russ, I think Russell came with me and there was Sylvie who was the translator.

I can’t remember which, there was some, there was a PJ chap was sitting on the, by the table.And there was Gerry who was standing by the, the bedroom door”.

LP. “And how was Gerry at that point?”

JT.“Oh he was just, well obviously, obviously distraught.
And I think it was quite hard for me to be saying at that, you know, looking in his face and to be explaining what I’d seen, at that point was quite hard because, you know, Gerry was obviously standing there, I don’t know whether, and you sort of think ‘Oh God, here’s me, if I’d tried to stop them this wouldn’t have happened’ sort of thing.So I think I did feel sort of a bit obviously guilty at that stage even though I didn’t know whether it was anything, but obviously you think ‘Oh bloody hell, what if I’ not stopped it happened potentially”.

LP. “And what was Gerry’s reaction to what you said?”

JT. “Well I don’t even know whether he took it in, I mean, he was just, he was, you know, obviously just standing there looking absolutely horrified, so”.

4078 “And where was Kate?”.....

Short ending.

Prior to the PJ arriving at 12:40/12:50 Russell O'Brien has written the timeline for them all, including, "Jane tanner sees stranger walking carrying child." He does this while Gerry McCann sits at the same table.

At three o' clock in the morning Jane Tanner informs Gerry McCann for the first time, about the existence of a possible abductor.

Gerry looks horrified upon hearing this.

Err hello, hello mister English policeman, are you there?

ETA. But why did Tanner feel the need to lie to the PJ, to put the time at three o' clock in the morning for when both McCanns were "first made aware" of the possible abductor.

Other than, I can only assume, in their way of thinking they perhaps thought it best that the McCanns appeared outside the loop, separate somehow from the conspiracy that they all were so actively engaged in. I'm at a loss here, I really can't imagine.

And not only that, just think about what we are being asked to believe. Madeleine has been snatched, don't forget Kate knew this instantly, Madeleine has been snatched, Tanner has witnessed a man carrying a child in the vicinity of the apartment just prior to Madeleine being discovered gone, and tries to tell us, and the PJ of course, that she waited five hours before she informed the parents for fear of upsetting them.

Why do I have trouble believing this?

~ ~ ~

Long ending.

Firstly let me dispense with the book.

Having read all that O'Brien has to say I would have difficulty in believing that Monday followed Sunday if such statement came from his lips, but for once and for purposes of this article I shall go with one sentence being the truth.

"I thought it was a cereal box but obviously it was a children’s book."

At first glance it might not seem so terribly important but it does bother me somewhat and makes me ask who handed the torn book to O'Brien, who would feel comfortable enough to tear up a book belonging to a child, someone else's child and a recently "abducted" child to boot?

How likely is it that one of the Tapas Seven would tear up a book belonging to Madeleine? for all their faults I would say they have enough social graces that to do such a thing would be abhorrent and totally alien to them, who then?

Well it can't have been Gerry can it? because according to Jane Tanner she didn't inform McCann until three in the morning that she had in fact seen a possible abductor.

But that begs another question, especially with Gerry being placed in the apartment at the time.

How did O'Brien and Co. conjure up so surreptitiously the timeline, commit it all to paper duly noting Tanner's 9.20pm sighting of the possible abductor without the knowledge of Gerry McCann who was, at the very time the thing was being drafted,was sat with his head resting on the same table.

It's all a mystery to me.

*This is the critical part, what time did the PJ arrive, before or after 3am?

Vitor Manuel Martins
Occupation : PJ Officer
He is an inspector with the PJ and currently works at the Porto PJ Directorate.
(...)On the night of 3rd May 2007 he was on duty at the Portimão DIC, in the company of Inspector Manuel Queirós, who was acting as head of the station.
When questioned he confirms the integrity of the service information drawn up from the station’s inquiries carried out in the early morning of 04/05/2007, adding that he arrived on the scene about 30 – 40 minutes after the phone call from the GNR, at about 00.40/00.50.

João Franciso Páscoa Luis Trigo Barreiras
Occupation: PJ Deputy Specialist
Place of work: Criminal Investigation Department Portimão
(...)He was brought into service together with an Inspector from the station. It was the inspector’s duty to take notes of the services as well as all the information relating to them. The inspector who accompanied him on that date, Vitor Martins, informed him that the case in question was that of the disappearance of a small girl, of British nationality, who was staying at the OC with her parents.
The immediately left for the scene and arrived about 30 – 40 minutes later, at about 00.40/00.50.

ETA: Why I place so much emphasis on the official timeline is that this story had been on the back burner for months and took just as long to tie down an official source.

Gerry McCann Liar

This is a repost.
Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann, on the 10th of May 2007, at 3.20 p.m.

Gerry: So, I actually came in and Madeleine was just at the top of the bed here, where I'd left her lying and the covers were folded down and she had her cuddle cat and blanket, were just by her head It’s terrible because, I , erm, had one of those really proud father moments, where I just thought, you know....(I will spare you the rest)

PJ report on Gerry McCann's statement: 3.20pm, 10 May 2007

Also relevant to the bed where his daughter slept is how it was found on the night of the disappearance. States that his daughter slept without the covers, as was normal, due to the heat, with the bed sheets folded towards the foot of the bed.

You might agree with me that I could end the article here and now without the need for another word to be writ, 'twixt photo and statements it's all there, the lies, the deceit and the whodunit, Mummy and Daddy.

But I shall.

Must have been the abductor then, that made the bed I mean, he is some geezer I do have to say. Let us take a look at what he managed to achieve in the ten minutes between McCann leaving the apartment at 9:05 and Tanner's sighting at 9:15.

He has entered the apartment via the only route available, the chimney, because he didn't come through the locked front door and he didn't come through the patio door because McCann and Wilson were conspiring, sorry talking, immediately outside, and he wasn't already in the apartment as Goncalo Amaral has proved in his documentary.

Single handedly, and we must presume in the dark, he has sedated all three children, what other explanation could there possibly be for Madeleine not to cry and the twins to remain comatose for hours on end, and despite all the uproar that was gong on around them at the time?

So once having removed Madeleine from her bed our thoughtful abductor, in the dark, sets to and makes the bed, and a pretty damn good job he made of it if you ask me. I mean with that kind of natural domesticity he wouldn't have a problem getting a position anywhere as a maid or a cleaner.

Having made the bed our geezer has noiselessly opened the shutters, don't forget in the still of the night our good doctor was talking with Jez Wilson, program maker and good mucker of Donal MacIntyre, not but a few meters away, what they were discussing I know not, perhaps our good doctor was relaying his recent proud father moments, or perhaps his recent conversion to Islam as only a little later that evening he would demonstrate.

So having noiselessly raised said shutters, our abductor geezer negotiates, in the darkened room the various obstacles, whilst carrying a silent Madeleine, and then proceeds to climb out of a small window, the ledge of which being some three feet of the ground.

He achievement in all this is quite remarkable, if not surely unique, for our abductor has completed all this without leaving at the crime scene, not one skin cell, not one fibre, not one fingerprint, not one shoe-print, not one scuff mark, nothing, nothing at all, zilch, zero, it's just as though he was never there at all.

~ ~ ~

This is a re-up, I thought it got a little lost previously, amongst my digressions that is, and that would be a bit of a shame.

ETA: This isn't a response to the fairy story in the world's greatest newspaper, the Daily Express, I wrote this prior to them printing their drivel.
It's almost as if their article was in response to mine, if they had perhaps printed the story next week instead of this I might have even believed it.

Kate and Gerry McCann Liars

This is a repost.

The Phone Records

Gerry McCann reacted angrily yesterday to claims he received a string of mystery texts the day before his daughter vanished.

Police applied to Portugal's supreme court to seize his phone records after learning of the alleged messages.

They claim Gerry was sent 10 texts from an unknown number 24 hours before Madeleine disappeared.

And detectives say four messages arrived from the same mystery number the day after she went missing, according to court documents.

But Gerry and wife Kate have dismissed the claims as "utter rubbish".

A source close to them said: "They have had their phone records available for inspection for months. But the police never asked for them. And now they have formally asked, they have been refused.

"Any suggestion of Gerry receiving 10 texts the day before Madeleine disappeared are utter rubbish.

"He hardly used his phone during the holiday and most of the friends with them didn't even have mobiles.

"The only time his phone rang was when work called and he explained he was on holiday. There are no mystery texts. Gerry has nothing to hide. It's yet more nonsense coming from Portugal."

Police also applied to see the phone records of the friends that Gerry and Kate were on holiday with.

But Portugal's supreme court yesterday issued a detailed ruling rejecting the application. It is believed detectives waited too long to request the records and that accessing them could breach privacy laws. A local judge had already turned down the application.

As part of the ruling, it emerged for the first time that the McCanns are being investigated for manslaughter.

It is the first time official paperwork has been made public in the year-long investigation into the five-year-old's disappearance from Praia da Luz.

The 5,000-word ruling also reveals that police are investigating the McCanns for "exposure, abandonment and concealment of a corpse".

Kate and Gerry recently claimed police do not officially suspect them - even though they are both still "arguidos".

McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "They are not officially suspected of any crime.

"Nor have they been accused of any crime."

Maddy has been missing for 392 days



I haven't bothered with the second sheet that shows the final two calls.

More on the deleted phone records from Paulo Reis, a worthy read.

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Father Jack Television Critic

Happy New Year Kiddywinks.

An epic cartoon for you, never intended to be this large but it just grew and grew.

I screen captured the usable bits of this particular episode, "Good Luck Father Ted" and ended up with a shed full of the yokes, so I have put a few to use.

And for those not familiar with Father Ted, an insight for you, and this episode I suppose is quintessential Father Ted and the cup of tea sketch is, I suppose, iconic.

You might be thinking, "surely isn't everybody familiar with the goings on on Craggy Island?" you would be surprised.

This I know is going to sound so false and so made up and I couldn't blame you for doubting my word, but.

I'm stood next to a female at the deli counter of one of the big chain stores and overhear said female saying to her friend, "I think we shall have Waldorf Salad."
There could only be the one quip given this extraordinarily opportunity, "Fresh out of Waldorfs." says I.

"I beg your pardon." says she.

"Fresh out of Waldorfs." I repeat.

Being the target of a look that inferred that I was a congenital idiot, I offered, "Waldorfs, Faulty Towers!"

"I'm sorry" said she, "I have never watched the program."

"Oh right." says I turning back to my shopping in an effort to extricate myself from the situation.
Trust me I'm thinking, to pick the only woman in England, if not the world, that hadn't watched the delights of Watery Fowls, or was it Flowery Twats?

ETA: Which begs the question, was the subtlety previously employed here in vain, or did a sharp eye or two pick it up?


Well bugger mon! bad reception on the telly, let me see if I can give it a tweak and we can watch that bit again.

Seems to have done the trick, give that a try.

h/t Paulo Reis, for the Itchy & Scratchy show idea.

All Father Ted episodes are available at CH4 on demand, UK only I'm afraid.