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The Lesson For Today. Matthew 27:24

When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

Now I know our Chief Constable likes a good Bible story, one only has to read his welcome to the 2009 annual report of the Christian Police Association.

It must be said though, judging from what's writ below, our Matty seams to be a bit of an Old Testament man, just the kind of chappy you would want to run a modern police force.

It would appear however that our Matty is no longer to be the shining light of Leicestershire plod, he's on the move in fact.

Matt Baggott has been appointed as chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The chief constable of Leicestershire replaces Sir Hugh Orde, who is leaving the PSNI to become president of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Members of the independent Policing Board scrutiny body had interviewed four candidates for the post, which attracts an annual salary of £183,954.more

There you go now, well done the panel,

The interviewing panel consisted of Policing Board chairman Barry Gilligan, vice-chairman Brian Rea and MLAs Alex Maskey, Dolores Kelly, Ian Paisley Jr and Leslie Cree.

just what the province needs, a Protestant Jesus freak with a penchant for quoting the Old Testament, just the man to reach across the divide.

~ ~ ~

God's Promises Being delivered

For many, I suspect recent months have been a real ‘eye opener’ about the fragility of our society and its overreliance upon wealth, ambition and power.
Not surprisingly, anxiety and uncertainty seem to be the prevailing emotions of the moment as we enter into prolonged economic recession. As members of the Police Service, we would probably add fear, conflict, alcohol and drugs misuse as symptoms of a far deeper malaise than the credit crunch.

I am often struck by the relevance of the Old Testament to the times in which we live. There are so many sobering accounts and stories of nations and people deliberately ignoring God’s goodness and truth, going their own way and choosing to be selfish, inward-looking and complacent. Sadly, the consequences of lives damaged and broken always seem to be the same. Yet throughout, God is utterly consistent in pointing out the dangers, waiting to forgive and restore, and demonstrating the everlasting truth of his love and compassion. Our nation’s
rebuilding and future is not dependent upon more debt, but upon a focus on ‘the way, the truth and the life’.

It is no surprise that, as the year has unfolded, so too has the God-given influence and practical impact of CPA. The book of Malachi recounts once again the outcomes of turning away from God, but also strongly emphasises the fundamental reality that ‘those who feared the Lord talked together and the Lord listened’. I truly believe that as we pray and seek ways of being ‘salt and light’, whether through fellowship within the Service or building bridges between churches and local policing, we will see God’s promises being delivered. It has been great to see so many practical initiatives as part of Hope 08, and the relevance of CPA acknowledged both within and outside of the Service. The Holy Spirit undoubtedly takes what we offer in humility and uses it for the glory of God.

As we move through 2009/10, my encouragement is that we will be the thoughtful servants in Malachi, and that our prayers, attitude and actions will bring many to the reality and hope of the cross.

Matt Baggott

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List Of Shame

I despair, I really do. Just how transparent does a case of faking an abduction have to be before one of these cocksuckers says, "hang on a minute this is nonsense, a half wit can see what's going on here?"

I use the word "say" metaphorically of course, it's hard to say anything when you are on your knees and your mouth is full of Mitchell-McCann cock. Little point in me asking have they no shame, it's patently obvious, as patently obvious as the guilt and the lies that have come out of the mouths of the McCanns, the Tapas Seven and Clarence, I'm such a Lying cunt, Mitchell ever since day one of this sordid tragedy cum farce.

But the day will come, hopefully sooner than later, when something breaks in this case, something so glaringly blatant that it cannot be put aside or swept under the rug any more and ALL those involved in this foul travesty will at last face the justice that is due to them.

When that day does finally come it will be then that I shall publish in the largest boldest font possible, the words, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO, though I do feel I won't hold exclusive rights to this little piece of phraseology .

I do take some comfort that Madeleine McCann will not become another JonBenet Ramsey, and my reasoning is quite simply, two people, one of them now dead, know what truly happened to JonBenet that night in Boulder Colorado, just two people, unlike of course the vastly different number of people who are well aware of the fate of Madeleine McCann.

And as history has taught us, "Three may keep a secret-if two of them are dead."
How many know the secret of this despicable pair, how long before one of them gives the McCanns up?

~ ~ ~

List of Shame - Hope for Madeleine - New hope for Maddy and Ben - Case of Jaycee Lee Dugard gives hope to parents of Madeleine McCann
The opinion of Murcia - The McCanns have not lost hope
The Sun - case gives new hope to Maddie
Daily Star - Madeleine simply could appear as Jaycee - Family of Madeleine McCann hopeful the case of Jaycee

Full list at: Until We Know The Truth. Click on Mercedes Blog in the side bar for the Story in English, posted under "Jaycee Dugard"

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Gallery Fifty Nine

Occasionally when news is slow and you're just wondering where the next bit of inspiration is going to come from, sometimes something drops in your lap, a bit like pasta from heaven if you will.

True to form, what with this lass turning up after umpteen years, the McCanns are all over it like a rash, but it wasn't this latest latching on that started the creativity flowing, but rather reading about a previous leach like performance when the duo despicable climbed aboard the Fritzl bandwagon.

I will have to admit that at the time, and still for that matter, it struck me as a tad strange that the McCanns used this case as an example of what might be, after all, it was Daddy that dunit.

So here is a little collection then, inspired by just the one short article.

h/t JKH

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So Bad It's Good?

I have procrastinated about the bush somewhat in deciding whether or not to feature this article, but having re-read the thing again, and although it's against my better judgement I suppose I must.

I only say this because I don't normally wish to associate with the likes of these people, in any shape or form, and to what they have to say? quite simply my dear I don't give a fuck.

I don't know who the author of this thing is, it's academic really, so let us look to the content rather than the writer.

If we look beyond the climate in which it was penned, the panic, the fear and the desperation and look at the thing in it's entirety, then what does it suggest?

Little more than a badly written, inaccurate, ill informed, poorly argued load of drivel ever to grace the internet in quite sometime.

That is of course if we take the article at face value.

How else might we take it?
Well an imaginative cynic might possibly consider the author a fifth columnist perhaps, infiltrating an organisation and after establishing his bona fides writing the literary equivalent of a homing torpedo.

And when said organisation printed such nonsense as penned by our fifth columnist/member they launched that torpedo but failed to see, perhaps blinded by their own crusade and righteousness, that there was only one target in sight, their own tenuous credibility.

How likely the possibility of this little scenario being true? about as likely as me getting a spare seat on the next space shuttle I would think.

I had thought about highlighting some of the more outrageous passages in the piece but you would then justifiably accuse me of being patronising, the whole thing is in fact a highlight, with much emphasis on the previously mentioned desperation and on the not hitherto mentioned stupid.

Exclusive to members of 'Missing Madeleine':

10 answers which show that it’s a load of lies

Reason 1: Statistics show that the vast majority of young children reported abducted from their homes are already dead

RESPONSE: Rubbish! Loads of children are abducted from inside their homes every day. Anyway, even if in 99% of such cases the child is dead and the parents are responsible, that’s no clue to what happened to Madeleine. The case of Madeleine McCann might be the exception that prove the rule.

Reason 2: The world-renowned British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, detected the scent of a corpse in 10 places which strongly suggested Madeleine died in the McCanns’ holiday apartment

RESPONSE: Total rubbish and lies again. These dogs can’t tell a corpse from rotting meat. Why, in Jersey they couldn’t tell a corpse from a coconut. Even Martin Grime admitted his dogs’ evidence was useless without corroboroating evidence.

Reason 3: The strange reactions of the McCanns when they became aware of the sniffer dogs’ findings

RESPONSE: Surely everyone except the authors of that vile ‘10 Reasons’ leaflet knows by now that Dr Kate McCann attended six corpses at work during the fortnight before her holiday. They also know that she took ‘Cuddle Cat’ to work an dthat’s how the ‘smell of death’ got there. It’s obvious that the dogs confused the smell of death with rotting meat and dirty nappies in the boot. It was only natural that the McCanns would immediately seize on one U.S. case and one Irish case where these cadaver dogs’ evidence was held to be ‘unreliable’.

Reason 4: The sheer impossibility of the abduction scenario

RESPONSE: Impossible? Do they not realise how easy it is to ‘case the joint’ for days without being seen, to walk in through an open window, to pick up Madeleine from a bed in the dark without waking her or the twins, then climb out of a window three feet above the foud and about two feet by two feet, all without waking the children or leaving any forensic trace. There was loads of time for him to do this. Dr Gerald McCann finished his check at around 9.12pm having spent ‘an unusually long time in the loo’ and Jane Tanner saw him (though Dave Edgar thinks it might have been a ‘her’) at 9.15pm. That’s oceans of time to accomplish an abduction without being seen by anyone other than Jane Tanner.

Reason 5: The refusal of the McCanns and their friends to help the police

RESPONSE: The police were hostile from the word ‘go’ and refused to search for Madeleine. No wonder Dr David Payne referred to their ‘Pact of Silence’. Dr Kate McCann was right not to answer any of 48 questions from a police force that ludicrously and unhelpfully placed them under suspicion. With a police force like that, wouldn’t you deleted your mobile ’phone records. Wouldn’t you refused to allow the Portuguese police to examine your medical and financial records including credit card records? Wouldn’t you refuse to take a lie detector test? Wouldn’t you refuse to attend a bogus reconstruction designed purely to frame you?

Reason 6: Changes of story by the McCanns and their friends

RESPONSE: Utter rubbish. They never changed any statement. They just made a simple mistake in the initial panic when they said the abductor jemmied open the shutters. Anyway, you always get inconsistencies when witnesses try to recollect events. Why, even the McCanns’ chief detective Dave Edgar said this on that brilliant Cutting Edge documentary.

Reason 7: The McCanns’ rush to appoint lawyers and PR experts

RESPONSE: See our response to Reason 5. They needed lawyers and PR experts because they were dealing with incompetent and corrupt police officers.

Reason 8: The strange reactions of the McCanns and their friends after she claimed to have found Madeleine missing

RESPONSE: There’s no set response to one’s child going missing. There’s no guide book telling you how to react. Every parent reacts differently.

Reason 9: Making long-term plans to mark Madeleine’s alleged abduction - whilst claiming she was alive and could still be found

RESPONSE: Madeleine’s not been found yet. So clearly making long-term plans was right.

Reason 10: Dr Kate McCann washing the toy ‘Cuddle Cat’

RESPONSE: The idea that Dr Kate McCann washed ‘Cuddle Cat’ because it had the smell of death on it is ludicrous. She clutched it everywhere she went and made sure it was always visible when there was a photographer around. No wonder it got dirty.

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Gallery Fifty Seven

Gallery Fifty Seven or Chapter Eighteen Illustrated, takes your pick?

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Stuart Prior. The FSS. Kate McCann's Fingerprints. What Hair?

Given my obsession, and let's face it, obsession it is, for me and countless others around the world.

Hard then you might think that a bloke such as myself, in spite of having printed out three copies (intro to chapter seventeen) of Amaral's book, that I have barely read a word of it.

Deferring the pleasure then until fellow obsessive, and aren't we so very grateful that she is, deferring the pleasure then until I could sit down and read in one hit the tireless translation by Anna Andress, into English, the complete work by Goncalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentira. (The Truth of the Lie) Anna Andress, so many many thank yous.

Cor Blimey! Cor blimey with knobs on!! If the rest of the book asks as many questions and is as damning as chapter eighteen is, then I must defer the pleasure no more and read the ninety percent of the book that is presently available, as I thoroughly recommend you do the same.

The Truth of the Lie (Anna Andress)

Or here. goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blogspot

Footnote. A Verdade da Mentira has to date been published in Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Spanish yet strangely not in English.
For an English version we have to rely on one of those nasty irresponsible bloggers.

It's a funny old world.

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Murray Wardrop: Why?

Why indeed are you whoring for the McCanns?

Why do you write such outright lies, such inaccurate unsubstantiated drivel?

Initially I was going to dismiss you as another Rod Chaytor, an unashamed and an undeniable McCann whore, steadfastly confirmed by the vast amount of pro-McCann tripe he has tried to feed us in the past.

Though I haven't poured over your every word past written, consequently I reserve the right to change my opinion, you appear to have an impressive portfolio and as best I can tell, not one McCann story in it.

Why then Mister Wardrop do you choose this moment in time to join the ranks of all the jaundiced hacks who write such shameless sycophantic drivel extolling the virtues and saintly-hood of two parents who can only be described as neglectful in the very least?

That neglect taking the form of systematically leaving their three children every night, ages thereabouts two and four, in an unlit unlocked holiday apartment in a foreign country whilst they indulged themselves in a bar.

So let me parse just a small part of your recent Tal & Qual article.

Deluded chief investigator Goncalo Amaral wrongly believed they had covered up their three-year-old daughter´s death, even though there was no evidence to support his theory.
Would that deluded be the same delusion experienced by the English trained cadaver dog Eddie and victim recovery dog (blood dog) when they alerted to numerous items (clip) belonging to the McCanns, and only the McCanns?

Wrongly believed, who says so, you?

There are others who have taken the trouble to actually read the case files and who write extremely well on the subject. I have no idea of the author's occupation, I doubt he's a journalist, he could well be a bus driver, ( no disrespect intended) but whatever the man's occupation he puts Fleet Street to shame, all the more so if he does indeed drive said bus.

Beyond The Black Box. Policemen's tales. Should you take the trouble to read these articles perhaps your wrongly believed might just become rightly believed.

He was later taken off the case, which was eventually archived and remains unsolved.

In July 2008 the McCanns were cleared of any wrongdoing in a formal report by Portugal´s Attorney General Jose Pinto Monteiro.
I think you will find that the McCanns were NOT cleared of any wrong doing, rather the process was archived for, among a multitude of reasons, all nefarious, lack of evidence.

There is much writ about the archiving of the case here (Joana Morais) and a full translation into English of the archiving process can be found in Part One of eight

Then we allude to the previous mentioned nefarious reasons.

With another Public Ministry there would have been another decision"
There are no doubts that there is concealment of a cadaver. The Public Ministry itself speaks of homicide and we didn’t go that far. same link as above

Moving on.

Amaral, 49, went on to make more than £1 million by writing a book repeating his outlandish claims.
On what basis do you make your own outlandish claim, am I to assume you have read the book in some other language than English?

If you haven't as yet don't dismay, due to tireless and unpaid work by a simple blogger it is nearly complete in it's English translation and can be read here, (bless you) or here.

The McCanns are suing him for at least £1 million for defamation and for breaching their human rights.

They have employed one of Portugal´s leading libel lawyers, Isabel Duarte, in a case expected to be heard in Lisbon next summer.

If they win they will use the money to continue the search for Madeleine, who would now be six.

Madeleine will never be six, she is dead, she died in the apartment. There was no abduction, there was no evidence of abduction, there was only the parents.*

The Find Madeleine Fund, set up to finance the couple's worldwide search for their daughter, is expected to run out of money by the end of the year, it was reported this week.

The McCanns also plan to sue the group behind a leaflet blaming them for Madeleine´s disappearance.

The couple were "deeply upset" by the fliers, produced by a group called the "Madeleine Foundation", which has accused them of neglect.

The leaflets were received by 10,000 people in the McCann's home village of Rothley.

The McCanns also plan to sue the group behind a leaflet Oh really! what might I ask are you basing this on, an edict from Mitchell perhaps? Forgive me I pray if I do not hold my breath.

The leaflets were received by 10,000 people Oh dear, oh deary deary dear, a whole legion, nay more, ten thousand! that's an awful lot of leaflets.

Contrary to press reports, the whole town of Rothley was not leafleted - only 150 homes received the leaflet - and the leaflets were distributed in Rothley between 3pm and 6pm, not ‘late at night’ as some papers reported. No leaflets were flyposted in any shape or form. If leaflets were pinned up on trees and notice boards, as reported, local residents must have done this. more

Perhaps I might close with my original question, why Mister Wardrop, why?

*h/t profmoriarty

~ ~ ~
An interesting article by our Mister Wardrop

By Murray Wardrop
Published: 3:01PM BST 04 Jun 2009

Officers are targeting children as young as 10 with the aim of placing their DNA profiles on the national database to improve their chances of solving crimes, it is claimed.

The alleged practice is also described as part of a "long-term crime prevention strategy" to dissuade youths from committing offences in the future.more

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Gallery Fifty Six

Thought For Today: Censorship.

There's no small amount of faux moral outrage and indignation floating about of late, accompanied of course by the incessant bullshit that has become a key component in this ghastly affair.

Mitchell's "our" lawyers are keeping close watch, and The Star's "we can't re-print the Ten Questions for legal reasons are but to two that immediately spring to mind.

Whereas we might consider the basic purpose of censorship is to shut the writer/speaker up, it's real purpose and effect is to deny you the RIGHT TO LISTEN.

No matter how vile an organisation is, be it the BNP, the pro-life terrorists or any other off the wall extremist organisation, the RIGHT TO LISTEN to what they say is the fundamental corner stone of any free society.

For those not too familiar with English colloquialisms here's a bit on tripe, disgusting stuff that it is.

It's more years ago than I care to remember and what I can remember is more than a tad vague, but one of the daily's ran a weekly spoof letter from newly arrived to this country "Ali," to his brother in Pakistan where he tried to describe some of the more quirky habits of the English.

Eating "white elastic" (tripe) is one that has stuck in the memory box and the other was "suppedsomestuff," the art of going out on a Friday night and chucking vast quantities of bitter (beer) down one's neck and rolling home legless.

Not like me to invoke the supernatural, but there you go.

Not for one minute do I consider the McCanns are being stalked, but for two arseholes who have hounded every motherfucker and his dog all over Europe and North Africa they've got some brass neck even mentioning the word.

But that you already know.

"From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party: