Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Gerry McCann, If You Really Want To Find Your Daughter

Given the PJ were an ineffectual bunch of sardine munchers and Leicestershire plod never, unlike the sardine munchers of course, even bothered getting off their miserable arses and the collection of clowns that have been in your employ have done nothing other than make laughing stocks of themselves, then don't you think...

Don't you think it's time to do what any father of an abducted girl would do in similar circumstances, get your arse down to the elite police force of this country and play merry hell about the inactivity in investigating the disappearance of your daughter.

That's what any normal parent would do, they would be screaming blue murder to get the case investigated by England's finest, leaving no stone unturned as it were.

But you don't do that, I cannot help but wonder why.


Hey wee man, your bairn's been abducted and these clowns are your best shot, a fellow could be mistaken into thinking you don't really want her found?

I will leave these two short videos here as a reminder of what truth looks like and there is one thing for sure, it don't look anything like this.


This isn't a return to blogging, at least I don't think it is, this post is just a vehicle for asking a simple question.
One simple question for which there is no answer, never has been an answer and you can bet the farm there will never be one.