Saturday, 24 January 2009

Not Quite An Update

. Couldn't lie straight in bed, the pair of 'em.


Friday, October 26, 2007
Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Who Should be the Suspects in the McCann Case?
Statement analysis: what do suspects' words really reveal?
Special Agent Susan H. Adams, M.A. teaches statement analysis as part of interviewing and interrogation courses at the FBI Academy.
Copyright 1996 Federal Bureau of Investigation

Two articles on the same page, one an opinion piece the other an insight into statement analysis, both worthy of a read.

h/t NHS Mccans abuse


You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it. (Fr)

Seeing as Freeport is topical and finally getting the airing it deserves I thought I would post a couple of old graphics that have never seen the light of day before.

The "Mayor Goncalo" set? well I would have to admit they are a result of a recent bit of doodling or whatever it's electronic equivalent be called.

Good luck in your quest old lad, I wish you well. Sorry about decking you out in English Mayoral robes, Lord Mayor of London even in a couple of them, but I'm sure you would grant me a bit of artistic licence, yes?

And the last two? they're just too easy to ignore.

Peace, Himself