Monday, 30 March 2009

Gallert Thirty Four

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They don't all make the front page, some work and some don't, a typical don't work is this one below, not the easiest of things to marry up, high res photo's and illustrations.
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Friday, 27 March 2009

For The Record

I have read a few comments around the place regarding this poster and quite varied they are, so
I would just like to clarify why I find this reprehensible use of Mari Luz's image so loathsome and abhorrent.

While the fate of this poor little girl was still unknown and there might still have been a ray of hope for the lass, the McCanns for their own cheap shitty ends had put Mari Luz not only alongside Madeleine in the poster but put Mari Luz alongside Madeleine in the grave, a fact that I'm sure was not lost on the child's parents.

Wasn't the anguish and agony that the Cortes's were suffering enough, wasn't it enough without having a vile detestable creature like Gerry McCann hijack the image of their daughter and use it for his own base ends? evidently not.


“It is shameful that Mari Luz’s father has brought himself to complain,” was the reaction of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCann couple, in response to the request from Juan Jose Cortés that the posters with the photo of his daughter beside Madeleine should not be distributed.

Thought For Today: How Did It Get This Far

It was reading this story about the release from a UK prison of Portuguese man Nicolas Bento that two things immediately sprang to mind, the stitching up by the West Yorkshire Police of a man they knew categorically could not be responsible for the crime for which he was charged and subsequently convicted, that poor unfortunate gentle giant of a man,Stefan Kiszko.

The other thing of course (in the Nicolas Bento case) was the involvement of the State owned apparatus the much sullied, tarnished and suspect, Forensic Science Service.

I'm not going to pontificate about the FSS, the FSS is only germane to this case inasmuch that it's services, along with that of the dogs et al, should never have been required at all.

What I am going to say a few words about, and I am well aware of the thousands if not millions of words already writ on the subject, are the shutters.

Fear not I shall not rehash the minutiae because what I have to say is not about such details but just the one fact that is fundamental to this case.

Notwithstanding the pressures the PJ found themselves under, be they real, imaginary, political or even commercial, given the dependence of Praia da Luz on tourism, it can only be said, as Goncalo Amaral freely admits (see below) that something was terribly amiss with the investigation.

What I am saying is not intended to thrash the PJ over the initial investigation, warrant it as they may, what I am saying however is that Gerry McCann and Co. have walked on the water because of the softly softly approach into the investigation.

Political interference or corruption apart, I cannot think of many countries in the world where had the conversion gone something like this:

Parent: "Someone has forced the shutters of our apartment and made off with our child."

Plod: The shutters show no sign of being forced, ergo your claim of abduction is a croc."

that the handcuffs would not have been out and the conversation would have continued down the local nick under entirely different conditions and one can only assume resulting in an entirely different outcome as the one we see today.

Bottom line: No forced shutters, no abduction, and that I'm afraid is just how simple and basic this whole sorry saga is.
It should have ended, or it should have been the beginning of the end, the moment the cops ascertained that there had been no interference to the shutters.

Footnote: The very idea and the irony of Gerry McCann swanning off to America to endeavour to achieve I don't know what is simply quite astonishing, had the McCanns repeated their practiced "well within the bounds of reasonable parenting" in the US, had such behaviour been discovered, even without the resulting tragedy, they would have been off to the slammer in an instant, the kids taken into care and who knows when any of them would have seen the light of day again.

Not might I add that I hold America up as any kind of shining example, the justice system is anything but that and as with most things they are totally over the top.

I only mention it as another example of what passes for reality in the mind of Gerry McCann.

Excerpts from Gonçalo Amaral admits that investigators protected the McCanns. this is but a general link to all interviews given by Goncalo Amaral.

Jornal de Notícias | Who has pressured the Judiciary Police (PJ) so that it could not advance with diligences?

Gonçalo Amaral | The pressures were immediately felt in the morning following the disappearance of the girl. The British consul in the Algarve went to the Judiciary Police to find out about the investigation, which is not abnormal. Shortly afterwards, it was the turn of the ambassador to go there. It is not a normal proceeding with all the English subjects. At least, I had never assisted a similar situation.

But were you prevented from advancing with the diligences that had been planned?

To me no one told me "do not do it". If that had happened the "broth would pour over" [Portuguese idiomatic expression meaning it would be over the top]. There my participation in that investigation would have ended. But we felt constrained.

In what way?

Notice. Soon after the visit of the ambassador, an announcement goes out referring the thesis of abduction.

Was it the ambassador who pressurised the PJ?

It was not that what I said. The pressure was felt in the team of investigators. When, in the heart of the group, if it was discussed the realisation of a determined diligence there was always someone who would say "Oh, oh, we have to be careful".


I am not going say names. If in the book I was careful to never give names, I am not going to do that now. It is one of those things that are kept. But in the group there were seven, eight, ten persons taking part, between co-ordinators, directors… When the question of the necessity of doing a determined diligence was raised, everything was discussed, namely, which was the importance, the objective that was wanted to accomplish and what were the consequences. And when there were issues that needed us to come even closer to the couple and the group of friends, one was careful for them not to be considered suspects so soon at that time, to prevent them from being accused in the public opinion, faced with the existing media pressure.

Are you saying that the PJ itself decided to protect them. Why so many precautions? It's natural to have suspects in a criminal investigation.

Because, at that time we would have been crucified by public opinion.

You were afraid of the media pressure…

No. We felt it was necessary to treat them with ‘tweezers’. I recognise what we were mistaken.

Adam Faith - 1961

The time has come for me to hang my head in shame
The time has come for me to say that I'm to blame
The time has come for love's return but it won't be the same
Oh please believe me I won't make the same mistakes again.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Gallery Thirty Three

Here you go kiddywinks, just a few oldies that might be a tad topical in light of yet another home goal by the boy blunder, Knobin strikes again!

I didn't intend reposting this first graphic, but what the hell.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sick Sick Sick

There will be more later and a few words no doubt, but for the moment my brain is trying to escape my skull for it is taking exception at what I am trying to make it conceive.

~ ~ ~

I shall forgo the rant, what's the point? What I would like to do however is put a couple of institutions on notice, specifically every member of the House of Commons, the Home Office, Leicestershire's finest and I suppose I shouldn't pass over the judiciary while I'm about it.

The crime of the century is being played out around your ears and what do you do while this obscenity is being perpetrated? you go blithely about your business without a thought for a little British girl who, for those of us that live in the real world, is dead.

There is enough known about this case, particularly since the release of the Policia Judiciaria account of their investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that part of the record that we have been permitted to see at least.

That record, the alerts given by two British trained crime scene dogs, specifically alerting to things McCann and to no other, the most ridiculous accounts and blatant lies offered by other members of that ill fated holiday group, and not least in this catalogue of deceit, lies, misrepresentation, red herrings and spin doctors we have the behaviour and body language of the last two persons to see Madeleine alive, her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann.

I need not expand on these few things or the many other pieces of information that are readily available to all at the click of a mouse, what I would rather do is evaluate your, and by your I mean those mentioned in the first paragraph, your fitness to hold a position of responsibility.

To believe in the McCann's version of events or to endorse this ongoing ghastly charade makes you quite simply a fool.

To be indifferent, in spite of the glaringly obvious, to the disappearance and death of Madeleine McCann makes you a fool and blackguard.

To have knowledge of the fate of Madeleine McCann and to know the reason why the McCanns have been afforded such extraordinary protection and to remain silent about such makes you both a fool, a blackguard and not least a criminal as well.

Which ever category you fall in, and you all fall into one or the other by virtue of your silence, I can only come to the conclusion that there isn't a man jack of you worthy of holding a position of honour or responsibility.

So I give you notice, when the curtain finally comes down on this repugnant farce, and believe me it will, do not, do not for the tiniest shred of decency or more importantly for the memory a little girl who's body lies mouldering somewhere and denied a Christian burial, do not offer the pathetic excuse that you were deceived.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Looking Back on the Madeleine Case

Just so we don't loose sight of the basics, here's a little something that needs addressing if anybody wants to believe the McCann version.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Over To You Isobel Barnett

This post is somewhat esoteric, not least because of the vintage of both show and viewers.

For those outside the loop here is a brief history of the show and the inimitable Isobel Barnett (Wiki bio) who more often than not displayed a remarkable ability in guessing the correct "line" of the hidden guest.

And true to form, though beit from the grave, Isobel comes up trumps again.

Tragically she didn't handle her dotage very well.

It needs not I to highlight the more contemptible and repugnant parts of this shabby missive, they I'm sure will not escape your notice.

It's almost 18 months since Madeleine was taken from her bed while on
holiday in Portugal with her Mummy Daddy baby brother and sister.
With everything else that is going on in the papers (credit crunch,
housing market, recession, US Presidential elections) the heartache felt
by Madeleine's family continues. We must keep circulating her
photo....if we can get it to as many people round the world as we can,
it might just be YOUR e-mail that triggers someone's memory or makes
someone take a second look at a little girl standing next to them in a shop or
sitting opposite them on a bus or even moving in next door.
Please don't just hit delete because you think it's a lost cause.....
spare a moment to think how you would feel if she was your little girl,
your grand daughter, your neice......and someone received this e-mail
and thought 'you know what....I just can't be asked to forward this stuff on
anymore'..... do the right thing.....fill your To: box with all the names
in your address book and hit send.
John McCann
Tas de merde.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tom Franks: Hat And Cattle

There are lots of reports around the blogosphere of Tom Franks million dollar challenge so I won't repeat it here.

Better I thought to then to bring you Franks own words and let them describe his feelings, but more importantly his logic behind them and where that logic has taken him, "The Million Dollar Challenge."

What he has to say is as important as his challenge, in my book, far more so.

Having blogged extensively about America I think I can safely say without fear of contradiction that, among many other things, it is the land of bullshit, everybody is trying to shit somebody, and probably the biggest bullshitters of all are Texans.

Am I about to attack Tom Franks? au contraire.
Let me offer you this little used phrase, The more rivers you cross, the more you know about crossing rivers, Tom Franks lives in the bullshit capital of the world, I think he can spot bullshit when he sees it.

Those good ol' boys down Texas have a term to describe a bullshitter or someone of little substance, He's all hat and no cattle, our Mister Franks however seems possessed of both.

Got cows Gerry?

Update: It,s possible that this whole thing is spurious, however every word still applies, both Franks and mine.

A case that needs to be answered

I first became aware of the case of Madeleine McCann in September 2007. I saw a report on CNN that the parents were suspected of killing their child. That was not a surprise, because in most cases where a very young child disappears the parents or guardians are involved. I cannot say I took a lot of interest in this case until very recently. In my business (Real Estate) I have one or two contacts in England. Last week one of these contacts sent me a copy of a letter and a book What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann that showed that Mr. and Mrs. McCann were never charged with any crime, not even child neglect, despite overwhelming evidence. Many believe this situation was a direct result of interference by the British media and political machine.

Now I don't know about you, but I do not like it when adults hurt children. Worse, I do not like it when they hurt children and then lie about it. Worse still, when they hurt children, then lie about it and then are protected by politicians. I was told enough about the parents of Madeleine McCann to decide to spend some time doing my own research. What I found was astonishing.

These people have been protected by a ring of British politicians including Prime Minister Gordon Brown and those close to him, including a spin doctor, the Foreign Secretary, a government spokesperson and former Prime Minister Tony Blair. This would be like sending Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Robert Gibbs and George Bush, and let's throw in Bill Clinton for good measure, to the aid of JonBenet Ramsey's parents to provide good PR, to manipulate the media coverage to their advantage and to interfer in the police investigation.

Not only that, but politicians of the two British opposition parties and British members of the European Parliament also threw their public support behind the parents of Madeleine McCann, even while they were official suspects. The McCanns were recruited as child-protection ambassadors by British European members of parliament. Gordon Brown waded in, speaking directly to the Portuguese Prime Minister. The Portuguese police chief in charge of the investigation was mocked and threatened by the British, and after complaining about the interference he was sacked. Is it any wonder the Portuguese (under attack by the full force of the British political machine and their gutter press determined to portray the Portuguese as incompetent and ruin their tourism in the process) put their hands up and said: "we give up?"

When you look at that and you look at the McCann parents, you have to ask yourself: what the hell is going on? How can anyone believe this couple for one second? Everything points to them being guilty. The list goes on and on, from the mother refusing to answer police questions, telling the media they would take a lie detector test then refusing, claiming shutters in the condo had been forced open when plainly they had not, holding up a vast T-shirt with their daughter's image on it while grinning from ear to ear, playing tennis and running while others searched for their daughter, saying how well they were sleeping just a few days after Madeleine had disappeared, turning their daughter's eye defect into a logo to raise money and using that money to pay for their mortgage, refusing to take part in a police reconstruction (their spin doctor said they would only do a reconstruction if it was a TV show), grinning and laughing when they were unaware TV cameras were still rolling after faux emotional pleas.

These things are all to do with their behavior, but then there is also the forensic evidence, blood and death scent found by the dogs, in their car and in their condo. All DNA markers pointing to Madeleine. Why did Mrs. McCann's car keys smell of cadaver? Why did Madeleine's soft toy smell of cadaver? Why did Kate McCann wash the toy? Why was the apartment clinically cleaned? Why was furniture rearranged? Why was there no forensic evidence to support the abduction story? The abduction story itself has more holes in it than a bath sponge. One child has gone and everything points to the parents. Why have they attracted so much adulation and protection by politicians in Britain and the British media? What is so special about them?

Imagine a scenario where a child has been taken by a maniac on the loose. If he is stealing little girls from their beds, you can bet he is not doing it just to give them an ice cream. He is probably going to be a pedophile and that child will suffer in the most horrendous and painful ways before being murdered or left for dead, although Gerald McCann keeps telling us there is no reason to think Madeleine has been harmed. Maybe the monster had been watching them, spying on their every move, observing how the negligent McCanns left their children all alone each night to go to the bar with their friends. Then the beast pounces and whoosh one child is gone and we do not want to think of the obscene things he might do to her.

That is the scenario we are supposed to believe. Now what about the other children? What would any parent do in that situation with their other children? They would be extra protective. They would not want the other children to be out of their sight. But not Mr. and Mrs. McCann. They could not return the twins to the resort creche quck enough, where the beast could strike again at any time, while they carried on with their vacation activities, including jogging, tennis and traveling around Europe. Whoosh and another child could be gone.

Now come on! If any parent really thought one child had been taken after being left alone, they would be filled with remorse and guilt and fear. Paranoia about the safety of the other children would be consuming. They would be afraid to leave the other children alone again. The last thing they are going to do is leave their two-year-old twins out in the open for the evil creature to strike again. It would be like watching one child being eaten by an alligator, because you let it stray too far from a tourist group in the swamps of Loisiana, and then throwing the other children down in the front of its gaping jaws like lumps of raw meat. No parent would do it, unless of course they did not really believe there was a child-snatcher on the loose, in which case the whole story about an abduction would have to be nothing but a tissue of lies.

Let me tell you about another McCann story that is a tissue of lies. A woman called Gail Cooper was on vacation in Portugal before the McCanns arrived there and she saw a man. Wow! Somebody saw a man! Only the McCanns and their team of media people could turn this into major news. They even staged a faux police appeal with an artist's impression of the man for the obedient British gutter press, with their spin doctor playing the part of the police spokesman. There was nothing to suggest the man was a child-snatcher. Nothing. The police never suspected him. The police never wanted him. The police never had any evidence about him. They knew it was a diversion tactic. There was nothing to indicate the man has anything to do with this case. Nothing.

Why then does Gerry McCann claim on his website that the man is "Madeleine's probable abductor?" It is not 'probable.' To be probable there would have to be evidence. So it is a lie. And if it is a lie, why is it a lie? There can only be one reason. Gerry McCann wants us to believe an innocent man took his child. He cannot be interested in us finding the truth. He cannot be interested in finding Madeleine. This leads me to my million dollar challenge.

Tom Franks 03/18/09

A website bearing the name All Hat and No Cattle was born out of the achievements of the biggest disaster to hit world politics in living memory and the world's biggest wannabee Texan, non other....

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

Update: If you are wondering what Vlad the poisoner is saying to blollocks, you're not on your own, I've slept since I wrote it, rest assured whatever it was it was something extremely unpleasant.

If you have ever wondered why JC always has a foul gob on him it stems from the ubiquitous original here below.


Monday, 16 March 2009

Gallery Thirty Two

Seventeen minutes, though effectively only fourteen minutes long, this is a must watch clip and from the eight minute mark..........well, just watch.

A Nose For Crime - "The Doberman Gang" segment A Nose For Crime produced with our help for Animal Planet by Fleisher Film, Inc. is a documentary that profiles the courageous and amazing efforts of dogs who sniff out evidence in crime scenes. link

A very comprehensive report by Tony Bennett on Eddie and Keela and the implications resulting from the dog's alerts can be found here.

Any sentiments previously alluded to be extraneous here.

As you know I could fill the page with dozens more examples of "wonderful parents happy family" photo ops but seeing as this is an invasion of privacy issue let me just post this example of the insidious attempt by the McCanns to try and give their search for their already dead child some degree of "truth and respectability."

Gerry McCann you are some piece of shit.

As Mari Luz's father would no doubt agree with me.

The former footballer has consulted lawyers and says he may take legal action against the McCanns for using his daughter's picture without permission. He also plans to make a formal complaint to the British Embassy in Madrid.

Mr Cortes, now a builder, told a press conference in Spain on Sunday he does not want the cases to be linked by the posters.

"They are two totally distinct cases, with two completely different lines of investigation," said Mr Cortes, 34. more