Thursday, 30 April 2009

THE TRUTH Unavailable In The UK, Watch It Here

The documentary the McCanns don't want you to see.

Big screen here.

Gallery Forty Three

Thought For Today: If you're going to post comments on a blog, at least have the cojones to post under a name, and if you do, try to stick to just the one.

But "Anonymous" WTF kind of tag is anonymous?

Second thought for today: If the calibre of the content posted is any kind of metric, it's not unsurprising that Anonymous is such a popular choice.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Thought For Today

Did this motley collection of liars have any say in accepting damages from Express Newspapers, or was it in fact presented to them as fait accompli having been instigated by McCann and his lawyers in order to ensure their silence?

Portrait Of A Cnut

I think it might be beyond your conception the degree of loathing and contempt I hold for cunts like this who wrap a church round themselves as they continue to lie, thieve and generally piss on everything and everybody around them, their god included.

You can listen to this piece of shit lying through his teeth as he tries to defend his indefensible arsehole of a brother, but ain't that just what three parts of this grotesque farce is all about, defending the McCanns.

If the McCanns are so innocent why do they need a spin doctor to keep trying to convince us of just that, if they are innocent then they could stand any scrutiny by anyone, in fact they should invite it, if they're innocent of course.

If the McCanns are so innocent, instead of scurrying like rats down a pipe why don't the tapas... hang on I have something in the archive.

After a bit of a rummage, here you go.

Does anyone think that these people would have kept so silent and invisible if a real abduction had taken place? If things had been exactly as the McCanns said? That Maddie was left there, safe in her bed, and someone went in and abducted her? Do you think the Tapas lot would have taken such huge pains to disappear from view in that case?

No, they would have been doing what normal friends would do in that pictured all over the place supporting the devastated parents, be speaking out at the fund-raising balloon releases, be at any reconstruction the PJ wanted to do.

Thats what normal friends of innocent parents would do.

But these Tapas lot.....they have slunk away and hidden under stones!

They are all in on it IMO. Every last one of them.
Author Quark 1

Can't argue with that.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

McCann Gallery Never Give Up Teeshirts

Madeleine McCann Inc. are at it again, your favourite low-life doctors have launched a new issue teeshirt to celebrate the second anniversary of their daughter's demise. (no link find your own)

Well it just so happens the McCann Gallery has been beavering away to produce it's own virtual online collection.

Virtual donations to: 62 West Wallaby Street.

And I'll never give up until you two creatures are sat in a cell.