Sunday, 30 November 2008

Gallery Goncalo Amaral

Here's a change of scenery while I'm away, nothing new I'm afraid.

There are others working away quietly behind the scenes for Maddie of that I am well aware, that they do so with little or no recognition is something I am equally aware of, for that thank you.

But this post unfortunately is not to honour your efforts, it is to honour the efforts of he that leads the vanguard in the search for the truth, our most public face, Goncalo Amaral.

It needs not I to tell you that without that public face of Mister Amaral, his book A Verade Da Mentra and it's associated publicity, this case and the fight for justice would indeed be in pretty poor shape.

So Mister Amaral and your dear wife Sofia, let us not forget her by any means, not then from just I, but from us all who in are own individual ways strive to see justice served for Madeleine Beth McCann.

Thank you.


Believe me, I feel no rage, I’m not even angry. I have understood their game and you also know how this game works. The lies about me, the manipulation is not exactly against the citizen Gonçalo Amaral. They were against the investigator who knew their weaknesses and was going to catch them sooner or later. It was all a matter of time. The McCanns knew that I was going to get them.
Goncalo Amaral