Friday, 1 January 2010

Father Jack Television Critic

Happy New Year Kiddywinks.

An epic cartoon for you, never intended to be this large but it just grew and grew.

I screen captured the usable bits of this particular episode, "Good Luck Father Ted" and ended up with a shed full of the yokes, so I have put a few to use.

And for those not familiar with Father Ted, an insight for you, and this episode I suppose is quintessential Father Ted and the cup of tea sketch is, I suppose, iconic.

You might be thinking, "surely isn't everybody familiar with the goings on on Craggy Island?" you would be surprised.

This I know is going to sound so false and so made up and I couldn't blame you for doubting my word, but.

I'm stood next to a female at the deli counter of one of the big chain stores and overhear said female saying to her friend, "I think we shall have Waldorf Salad."
There could only be the one quip given this extraordinarily opportunity, "Fresh out of Waldorfs." says I.

"I beg your pardon." says she.

"Fresh out of Waldorfs." I repeat.

Being the target of a look that inferred that I was a congenital idiot, I offered, "Waldorfs, Faulty Towers!"

"I'm sorry" said she, "I have never watched the program."

"Oh right." says I turning back to my shopping in an effort to extricate myself from the situation.
Trust me I'm thinking, to pick the only woman in England, if not the world, that hadn't watched the delights of Watery Fowls, or was it Flowery Twats?

ETA: Which begs the question, was the subtlety previously employed here in vain, or did a sharp eye or two pick it up?


Well bugger mon! bad reception on the telly, let me see if I can give it a tweak and we can watch that bit again.

Seems to have done the trick, give that a try.

h/t Paulo Reis, for the Itchy & Scratchy show idea.

All Father Ted episodes are available at CH4 on demand, UK only I'm afraid.