Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What's Up Dog? Oh I See!

I would love to say that the brilliant idea of juxtaposing these two images was my idea, but it wasn't and I can't. I have given attribution to Annabel, should it be otherwise, perhaps someone might let me know.

It's quite an eye opener by anybody's standards, what with a blue bag in the closet n'all, and that pooch don't strike me as quite so unreliable as others would have us believe.

Whenever I hear aspersions cast on the dogs regarding their abillities, I always get the impression from those that would argue such, that they actually think the hounds have some kind of agenda.

Let me give you a little analogy. If the dogs were trained to detect, shall we say, marmalade, then that's what they would alert to, pure and simple.

Let me take this a step further, if the Marmalade Dogs were brought in to search numerous and varied locations, and the Marmalade Dogs alerted in three or four places as they were trained, how many of the previously mentioned detractors would have a problem with the dog's findings?

Answers on a postcard please.