Friday, 13 August 2010

The Comments Are...

The Comments Are...

Good to know that Jim Gamble measures success in the field of child protection by how many people click a Facebook link.

Maybe if I pester Facebook into adding a "Jim Gamble is a cunt" button, I could claim to be an overwhelming success too, and hope to divert more funds to my little slice of empire...

I would replace all my light switches with real physical Jim Gamble is a Cunt Buttons, just so I could press them often.

Which as you can well imagine I fully endorse. And he is a cunt, he must think we all came down with the last shower.

The message is.

CEOP claims success for Facebook 'panic button'
Threefold increase in reports

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has received 211 reports of "suspicious activity" on Facebook since the launch of a branded app last month, it announced today.

By comparison, earlier this year CEOP said it received 257 complaints about activity on the dominant social network in three months.

The "ClickCEOP" button, an app available as an option for users to add to their profile pages, was launched following sharp criticism of Facebook's user safety features by CEOP chief Jim Gamble.

"The sheer numbers of people who have engaged with the app - including the volume of positive comments received via the wall - has shown that this move as been extremely well received by parents and young people alike," he said today.

More than 55,000 users have added the app, CEOP said.

According to Hitwise, Facebook has 26 million UK users. Children under 13 aren't allowed to register.

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