Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Gallery Fifteen

Gonçalo Amaral says that he wants “to put back the good name that was vilified in the public domain" without the Judicial Police allowing his own defence.

In the first pages of the work, the author highlights since then the unusual treatment given to the couple McCann, which in the words of the inspector were treated with "tweezers".

Much was spoken also about the attitudes of Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral reports several situations in which he found the coldness of the couple strange facing the tension of the investigations.

In one of the situations the inspector speaks about the mother of the child, Kate, who before ....more Joana Morais


Being just as relevant today as it was in September 2007, perhaps it would not be amiss if I re-posted Spudgun's video "The Real Madeleine McCann Story", the relevance being that the unanswered questions of September are still the unanswered questions of today.