Friday, 25 July 2008

Gallery Sixteen

Gonçalo Amaral interview with Hernâni CArvalho, on TVI, Portuguese TV 30/07/08

Mr. Gordon Brown was in contact, by phone, with the Head of Leicestershire Constabulary to find out whether Amaral had already been dismissed, two hours before he was informed about his removal.



Just a word or two at this junction.

Clarence Mitchell, you undoubtedly think your are a clever piece of work, it's not a view that is shared by many, myself included.

Your wind and piss threats against the boards and bloggers only goes to confirm that far from being the smart guy you think you are, you are in fact the fool I know you to be.

You see people take exception to receiving threats in an effort to silence them as they seek the truth in this sordid carry on.

I think you may have just shot yourself in the foot with this latest inane folly, people, and far more influential than I take a great deal of exception to attempts at being gagged.

It is at this point that you have seriously crossed the line Clarence, you have surpassed yourself, going way beyond your usual remit of spinning the most ridiculous nonsense to actively trying to suppress the details of this investigation by issuing far from unveiled threats.

We will not be cowed, we are the only voice that can speak for Madeleine McCann, do you remember her, the three year old that died, as well you know, in Praia De Luz?

We will not be silenced.