Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gallery Twenty Seven

As far as I can tell, nobody other than Mercedes is running a piece about the interaction (run around) between cops UK, cops PJ and the eagerness of the Tapas Nine to return to Portugal for a re-construction.

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Time for a repost and a chuckle, They Beat Me. Not worksafe.


In order for the above to have any meaning I shall post the relative comment that I left on Joana's blog.
The subject was Payne's statement made outside the High Court where she reiterated the lies and bullshit of yore.

This is my take on the situation, perhaps some of you might agree.

Tapas Seven Except Damages

My initial reaction was probably the same as many, disbelief followed by outrage but on reflection and having just watched Payne give that statement on behalf of THEM ALL and more importantly on BRITISH SOIL, they, the Tapas Seven or better described as loyal troops, have followed their little Ceaser and have crossed the Rubicon.

Crossed the Rubicon, burnt their boats or whatever other metaphor that could be employed, the Tapas have done it in Spades.

This is no unaccountable inaccurate statement made to a foreign police force, this is a statement of record given in Britain and as such their lies are now etched in stone.

It won't be today or tomorrow for that matter, but rest assured there will be a day when they will rue crying hail Caesar.

So says I, drive on Tapas Seven, enjoy your "moment of vindication" but fix it firmly in your mind's eye because your day of vindication is also the day you put your collective heads in collective nooses.

When will the trapdoor spring,? I know not, but believe me, it will and the whole sorry bunch of you will sway gently in the breeze.

You're on the road to Tyburn, you just don't know it yet.

Did I say material was drying up? stroll on! trust the Yankees to come up with this kind of shite, but WTF is the Express, of all papers, doing printing such merde?

Were it a sophisticated newspaper one might think they were taking the piss but in this upside down world we seem to be living in I would have to admit that the ridiculous would appear to have become the new reality and any metric previously employed to make a judgement seems now to be obsolete.
The world's gone mad, but I think you might have figured that one out for yourselves.

Mr Plod for those not familiar.