Sunday, 4 July 2010

And so this roomful of reporters consented, in essence, not to be reporters.

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You know what? There is something f—– up with this dad… Let’s not. Forget dad was at the gym too with his wife 5 days after kyron went missing!!

......Today, Kaine Horman and the Youngs sat at the head of a table in a room filled with more than two dozen national and local reporters for print, TV and radio. As the meeting began at 10 a.m., Kaine Horman started out by explaining “the agenda.” This wasn’t going to be a typical press conference.

Horman said the family’s goal was to make “the story” about Kyron. With news of the divorce and investigators homing in on the stepmom, media coverage (including in WW) has increasingly focused on Kyron’s troubled family.

First came Horman’s “ground rules,” as he described them. No cameras. No recordings. Everything was off the record and couldn’t be reported, unless agreed otherwise. Horman made everyone in the room agree to these rules before proceeding. And so this roomful of reporters consented, in essence, not to be reporters.

Horman then laid out how the meeting would go. They would take questions, make some phone calls (presumably to investigators, to find out what they could say in their answers), then return and make an on-the-record statement. But first, Horman wanted all the reporters he didn’t know to introduce themselves. more

Update: I have no great interest in the story, but a couple of links here for what they are worth.

It's only my personal reflection, but if I was issued a parking ticket in the US, I would lawyer up.