Saturday, 17 July 2010

Just The One

Well two in actual fact, but sometimes you need a bit of something to really give a thing context.

And giving it a little thought I think this previous post might not go amiss here.


In what now appears to be my second career, sending a message, through what now must be a multitude of pics, and if you will forgive me saying so, some have been quite brilliantly spot on, inspired if you will.

Having modestly awarded myself such an accolade and presented myself with a bouquet of flowers for the "quite brilliant" ones, what then does it say of the rest?

Well, having set that kind of metric, I suppose the only way from there is down, downward yes, but by degrees, you would afford me that surely?

Degrees that have covered the full spectrum, top to bottom, from close, but no cigar, to totally off the mark. I do however, in my own defence say, I did have a little help with the graphics that fell into this category, Paulo Rebelo for one, and the Express for another. Need I say more?

This first picky below I think typifies those in the "close, but no cigar" category. Why so you may ask, it's not a million miles from the truth as you or I might see things? Perhaps at the time you might have even thought the thing worthy of a cigar, perhaps it was.

But things change, that's if they don't stay as they are of course, but change they do, or perhaps develop and progress might be a more accurate way of putting things. Ever since the Express rolled over, delighting us all with a display of its true colours, we have seen increasingly the attempts to gag the ungaggable, the internet.

Such attempts, and some enjoying local success it must be said, but such attempts, in reality, are futile. Not to understand this futility, that no one person can censor the net, though making numerous attempts to do so, is I think, a measure of the world that said person inhabits.

Though I could, and have done so on numerous occasions past, describe Adam Tudor in numerous and far from pleasant ways, I would never think to call him things that would question his intelligence. That is simply something I cannot do for reasons obvious.

So with this in mind, and in light of ever increased threats, accompanied by a cacophony of Sabers rattling, makes me but wonder if Adam Tudor is giving his client the best advice possible, or heaven forbid, his love of Mammon supersedes the interests of his client?

Shurely not, shurely shome mishtake? But a question nonetheless that brought about a subtle change in our featured piccy.