Monday, 15 November 2010

The Dedicated to, Mike O'Sullivan BBC East Midlands, Gallery

Before moving down the page to the few pics there, I think it important that I pay due homage to the recipient, to my dedicatee of choice, BBC East Midlands alleged reporter Mike, I'm such a brown nosing little fuck, O'Sullivan.

No gallery, themed on the Lisbon court house, would be complete if it were not to include this short clip. I include only the first two shining examples of what apparently constitutes journalism in O'Sullivan's world. He does attempt further to crawl up the arse of Gerry McCann, but McCann ignores the sycophantic little shit, as I shall.

BBC, this is your journalist, grammar and all.

"They’re just raking up old ground isn’t it Gerry".... followed soon thereafter by...

"But there’s nothing new being said by the police."

You must be so proud.**

Hard to imagine, especially if you not of our culture, that once upon a time when reading the news, BBC Radio News presenters wore black tie.

A few pics then, inspired by the recent goings on in Lisbon.

I was tempted to use the above for McCann's example, but no I thought, let's keep it to Lisbon based picks. But it's still worth upping you must agree, I can't decide what he's off his face on, Nitrous Oxide or Colombian marching powder?

But nowhere near as 'umble as this greasy fucker, at least you're being recompensed for your sycophancy Isabel, I do hope it turns out to have been worth it.

These are the best ones, someone else's.

And a few bits.


Caption anyone?

** Putting aside my rhetoric, we must never loose sight that the kind of behaviour exhibited by O'Sullivan and others of his ilk, if not quite etched in stone as official policy, it is condoned and accepted by the BBC. It's undeniable that this is the case, the proof being by virtue that this hack is still employed by this propaganda organ of state.

* I'm embarrassed by the amount of time I spent trying to find a piccy for this.

Somebody that would fit on the bike, but the criteria for finding the just right thing were enormous. By the end, I felt happy enough that I had found what I did, but no matter what, I was determined that I was going to use it one way or the other.