Thursday, 4 November 2010

McCann Body Language: We Can't Stop Doing What We Do

I am not going to concern myself with what is said here in the main, that I am sure has already been picked over at numerous places around the web.

Just what takes my fancy then, and for the purpose of this gallery, my comments are above the relative pics.

So we're straight in with a demand, I find that only works well with a gun in your hand, otherwise, please, invariably seems to achieve the desired results.

And what has become now a pre-requisite for any interview, the obligatory clasping of hands accompanied by the even more obligatory wristbands. Good quality I hope.

Look what's on its way.

Getting closer.

Voila! Must be talking about her daughter, or perhaps it was us lot on this occasion.

Ever the same aggressive little fuck as always.

Right so! that's the bits out of the way.

I think we all know what this is about without me giving a protracted intro, so let's drive on without more ado.

Or should I phrase it, they're under starters orders and; they're off!

Showing well well after ten seconds, in the green it's Gerry McCann with a head scratch. (Times on the slide bar.)

Darshna Soni You are calling for a review of the investigation. Explain to us why.

DS Do you think it makes it difficult for them, though, because you have got your own private investigators looking for your daughter? Does that make your relationship with the police difficult?

DS Leicestershire Police have said to us that they haven’t shelved the investigation because it was never their investigation to shelve because it was being led by the Portuguese. What more would you expect Leicestershire Police to do?

Still on the same question. Pennies from heaven. (If I cross post this at the plod blog, what might you think the header might read?) Now done.

GM Leicestershire have, you know, largely played their part and they have done that to the best of their ability.

There were numerous shots in this Mrs Kate series, but in fairness I think it was the genuine article in this case.

DS And how do you keep going? How do you keep hoping? There must be days when it is very, very difficult.

KM Well we’ve worked so hard. I mean, understandably, we’re Madeleine’s parents and we are going to do everything that we can and we work really hard.

"And we work really hard." Sounds a tad familiar.

Unprompted, but that doesn't mean to say it's not in response to something going on in the asylum of his mind.

Part Two

There are two particular instances in part two that I found, I was about to say amusing, but on reflection and for want of something better, just let me call them interesting.

This next example includes both question and answer.

DS You’ve also spent money on your own investigators as you’ve said. There have been reports that some of these detectives have taken money but then not delivered. They are dodgy detectives if you like. How can you reassure people that money won’t be spent on people like that in the future.

GM Well we’ve very much had for the last two and a bit years, we’ve had Dave Edgar who is a very experienced detective who was near retirement. He’s been working with us. He’s very much accountable for the spend. He feels he can justify every penny. But at the same time I hope the public realise as well as directors of the fund in particular when we were arguido and there was no search going on that it was incumbent upon us to continue a search in very, very difficult circumstances. So we have made decisions along the way which have always, we felt, been in the best interest of the search to find Madeleine and we are very accountable. All the expenses are there err, receipts and we’ve got quite a tight-knit team working on this but we need them. Without it there would be no-one there to go and interview people and follow up leads.

It is amusing isn't it? in fact it's more than amusing, it's comical given who he's talking about.

This next piece isn't amusing, for me it's hilarious. But to truly appreciate what's going on with Doctor Dangerous, you have to click here first.

More at the Sandra Felgueiras archive.

Watch the struggle, watch the conflict, as he tries not to scratch his ear. Then try it on the clip.

These bottom three, I don't know where they came from. I must have grabbed them somewhere else. Confusion isn't a hard thing when you're screen-shotting, it's not hard to end up with a zillion shots in the folder, particularly if you wonder, "did I get that one" and you go back and have another basin full. Imagine a professional photographer where he might take dozens of shots of something, all seemingly the same. Well it's a bit like that only not quite as organised.

And finally, a big tip of the hat to Bren at Headlines today for saving me hours of work by having transcripts of both clips. They can be found here along with the Youtube versions and much more.

You might recognise along the way, where I found the quote for the header, though as I recall, I don't think it was body language that McCann was describing at the time.

h/t to original uploader. Ch4 News as it happens.