Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Daily Mail's Kate McCann Gallery of Woe

A more cynical man than myself might quite easily misunderstand the Daily Mail's choice of images in their depiction of Kate McCann.

The same cynical man might possibly think that the Mail's attempt, overflowing as it is, with bleeding heart sympathy for the poor lamb, might be not be entirely, quite as it seems.

But what care we for the cynic and his perceptions, what care we at all? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, words fallen from the pen with an ease, an ease that was only to be matched by that of his own downfall, the poor old darling Oscar.

I've always been a Daily Mail reader. I prefer it to a newspaper. OW 

Perhaps I should leave you to arrive at your own conclusions regarding the Mail's choice of photographs of the poor hapless little love, which quite obviously she is, you only have to look at the photographs to see that!

All images sourced only from the pages of the Daily Mail.

Have an update.

The Daily Mail was Britain's first daily newspaper aimed at the newly-literate "lower-middle class market resulting from mass education, combining a low retail price with plenty of competitions, prizes and promotional gimmicks"

Yes quite.

A little about the Editor of the Mail, and one of his chums.

The current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, though, is reportedly a personal friend of Dacre. In 2002, when Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dacre commented: "I have an awful lot of admiration for Gordon Brown. I feel he is one of the very few politicians of this administration who's touched by the mantle of greatness". Brown returned the favour to Dacre at an event at the Savoy Hotel which celebrated the tenth anniversary of his editorship of the Mail in 2003. In a video presentation, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer said that Dacre "has devised, developed and delivered one of the great newspaper success stories of any generation" and was "someone of great journalistic skill , an editor of great distinction and someone of very great personal warmth" Wiki

From the same source

Dacre's stated objective is: restore much more integrity to the British political system than exists at the moment, and [one hopes] then that [the] newspapers will respond in kind and gradually will persuade people that what they hear in Parliament is to be believed, and they will trust the newspapers to tell them that.

And lastly this. It is at times quite humorous what you come across by chance. I wanted some large images of Northcliffe House, the home of the Mail, and found myself directed to Flickr where I captured this little gem.

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