Monday, 8 March 2010

Loosing The Plot: The BBC and Kate McCann

And if the BBC wonders why I refuse to buy a television licence, well here's another reason they can add to the list.

Which hopefully they will file alongside the others in the same place from which they draw their reason, integrity and judgement.

Good Morning Sunday
Sunday 14 March
7.00-9.00am BBC RADIO 2

On Mothering Sunday, Aled Jones says Good Morning Sunday to Kate McCann, mother of missing child Madeleine McCann, who has found comfort from her Roman Catholic faith since her daughter's disappearance. BBC Press Office

It's just too staggering for words isn't it? That's why I'm going to keep mine to a minimum other than to say.

Lady, if this is the metric for your judgement calls, I'm absolutely delighted that you are not my doctor, and even more delighted that your alter ego, demented husband and doctor, Gerry McCann, isn't my consultant.

It is to an asylum register that you both belong, not a medical one.

A few picked at random that don't go anywhere near expressing Kate McCann's suitability as a mother, least of all one that has enough brass neck to discuss it on the radio. Posted alphabetically.

This above must have been the most bizarre result I have ever had from a Google image search; found under the "Pariah" tag.

Filed under the name Good Parenting.

Aled Jones talks to Kate McCann on Mothering Sunday. Kate McCann and "mothering." Those words belong together like Gary Glitter and child protection. more, Sometimes I wonder, From My Big Desk.

Don't we all.

h/t Anna Andress - Jill Havern