Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jim Gamble The CEOP A Horse's Arse

A small gallery to act as a reminder of the CEOP's efforts outside its remit. Any Government organisation given just the basics of this case and the McCann's appeal for, and use of, publicly donated money, should be more than sufficient cause for that organisation to treat this pair as what they are, pariahs.

One can only wonder at their motives, their integrity, and I won't say judgement, because quite obviously, the pro-active efforts by the CEOP on behalf of the McCanns does not exhibit bad judgement, it displays something else altogether.

You will have probably all seen photographs by now of the CEOP Logo on the blankets of the Met's horses. The Jim'll Fix It theme however is quite parochial, and a touch in the past, for readers from afar, Wiki-Jim'll Fix It.

What a diverse world this is, and people we are. I took a swift look on the web hoping I might drop lucky and find a piece of tape to stick Goncalo's gong on his bike.

People get passionate about all sorts of strange things, sticky tape being no exception. I Love Sticky Tape.