Thursday, 6 May 2010

The McCann Gallery of Obscenities

These are just but a few of the images I find most obscene. I have tried to keep my comments to a minimum, and often a single image will have to suffice as representation for the many, be it group or subject.

The misuse and abuse of Madeleine McCann, the greatest obscenity of all.

Iconic photograph depicting the true nature of the McCanns.

Best selling items, add to cart. Madeleine McCann online store.

The other iconic photograph of the heartbroken parents of the lost child.

Our Daughter, registered trade mark.

Unless grouped, alphabetical order from here down.



Who do we report you to Jimmy? you transparent fuck.


It's the pure sham and theatrics that gets this one included.



Posters of the deceased.

Balloon man.

Not content in destroying the place once, they go back for another bite of the cherry.
And the tragedy is not, for those that were dependant on it, the lack of income per se, but the pressure that would have been put on countless family units and subsequently damaged by loss of livelihood. It is not in a light-hearted manner that I quote my mother, "When the Wolf is at the door, love soon flies out the window." And all this at a time when the McCanns were living high on the hog off other peoples money. eta: And still are; "Kate given up doctoring to concentrate on searching for Maddie." Stop!

Corruption at work.

CEOP Gamble approved.


Providing a second to none police service.

List of shame.

Giving the gutters a bad name.

Totally obscene.

The Mail is truly a disgusting rag, typified here by their own pathetic use of pathetic Kate McCann photographs. Is it the worst paper of them all? I would have to say so.

Yes it is, even by the standards set by the shameless, shabby little whores of the turncoat Express



Matt Baggott, Christian at prayer.


McCanns in a church.


Beyond words.

For all attendees to the McCann Gala Ball.

I've allowed myself one light note, dress sense, how obscene is that?

Shameless. And I don't mean him.

That should have been plural, it's an extended family.

The Portuguese Justice Ministry and their unprecedented and obscene haste in archiving the case of a missing child.

What's obscene about candy floss? nothing, but being pink, sugary and sickly, represents the sick and demented people who set up such, normally pink, websites as below. The likes of which nauseate me beyond the telling, because they are not at all about Madeleine, they are all about the owner.

Obscene silence.

Seemingly invisible to all but a few.

For all the thousands of kids around the world that have been used so shamelessly.

To say nothing of the photo op.

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