Monday, 10 May 2010

The Second McCann Punch and Judy Show


One to remember for the Yankee Doodles, an old article on polygraphs I picked up from Twitter.

McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Of course they are not going to take the test. It's inadmissible in Portugal and there are doubts about the accuracy.

"Gerry and Kate don't need to do one as they are telling the truth."

Mail Nov 2007

So There you go, see how far that one gets you.

Which reminds me....

Which also reminds me.... Gallery Fifty

And that reminds me of...

Being somewhat reminiscent of...

Making me recall...

Oh go to bed for fuck's sake, but not this one.


This update, is I suppose, worthy of a gallery of it's own, if for no other reason to let the Mail know what I think of the incessant shite they print regarding poor Kate McCann.

Well there is another way, if you feel as I, to let them know how you feel, click this link to their latest bit of trash.

Kate McCann's tears for mother of murdered schoolboy at heartbreaking memorial service

And I don't have to say it do I? Tears from Kate over......

Well I'll give you a tear from Kate McCann, well half a one, and just like the arsewipes that keep giving us "Exclusives" this is an exclusive, it would have to be wouldn't it.

A much truncated post showing the tearful Kate.

And some fecker accused me of being cruel today, not half as cruel as the fucking Mail is when they try and foist their shite on me.

So this one is for the tosser (4th down) that left the comment, all yours.

There are some biggies in this lot, so they will need clicking again after opening.

For a friend.

First Punch and Judy Show

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