Thursday, 19 June 2008

Buy Now Beat The Rush

Well kiddywinks there are unsubstantiated reports that the witching hour is approaching for Mister and Misses Scumbag.

If only by the timeline, lets face it the case has to come to some sort of culmination sometime or other, so I can quite easily go along with what's being said around the blogs and boards that the end is nigh.

Add the reports to what seem to be changing attitudes, Sky News opening up the comments and allowing scores of derogatory remarks concerning the sainted ones, and the juxtaposing of of the two articles (see scan) by the mirror.

It's not by happenstance that the two articles are bedfellows, not at at all, quite deliberate in fact and about as subtle as a turd in a swimming pool; the message is clear, the game's up and you're both fooked.

A tip of the hat to DI. Barlow for the scan.

Moving on or more correctly looking back, none of us are likely to forget the world's greatest newspaper the Daily Express folding like Jack high and shelling out half a mil to this grotesque pair.

Bad enough that, but it also facilitated Clarice's finest hour and allowed him to strut around like the buffoon and pompous twat that he is.

Notwithstanding the Express's huge payout, I did at the time think they may be hobbled at present but when the time was right they would come back with a vengeance that would make Shylock look like a philanthropist.

I think my little creation below says it all really.

So where am I going with all this? Going through a bad spell of health sometime past and being virtually housebound gave rise to pretty prolific blogging on my part and just one of the groups I used to report on were the batshit crazies of the American Christian right.

My blogging and research took me to places that I never knew existed, not on this earth or Fullers, pretty unbelievable in fact, in fact it was mind blowingly unbelievable just how demented these jezoids really were.

However there are no mistakes in life, only lessons, and one lesson I learnt was to squirrel away into the archives all the batshit crazy madness that makes up Fundamentalist Christian America.

So having gone through this process I thought I would pass on the benefits of just one part of my learning.

Now you haven't forgotten the previous graphic, no far too soon for that, well what I would like to do is pass on a few suppliers so that you might have chance to stock up so that when the time comes, hopefully sooner than later, you can join me in nailing these two despicable fuckers to a cross.

These solid steel 8" nails are forged from actual Roman-legion nails recovered in Europe and dating back to the time of Christ.

These nails are extremely moving to hold it in your hand. Few things quite communicate the truth of Christ's love and sacrific.. so powerfully.
Each comes with a poem card that reads:

"This nail is a replica of the roman nails used during the period of Jesus' crucifixion. Hold in when yo pray - lay it beside your bible when you read - daily reminder. It is not magical nor mystical its just a nail. But because of it's size it is a testimony to the size of His Love for You.

These large cast metal nails are based on historic Roman nails from the period of Christ as well as traditional art. Measuring about 10" long, these imposing replicas are aged with a special patina giving them the appearance of ancient iron.

These crucifixion nails are accurate reproductions of those seen in recent film productions. Forged from a half-inch thick, three quarter pound billet of steel, the nails are made using the same method of centuries past. Fire in a forge, anvil, hammer and tong along with skill, muscle and sweat are in the creation of these nails. Though similar in size, each nail is individually handmade and no two will be identical, unlike nails cast in a mold or stamped from a die.

A hand-forged nail held in ones hand, or displayed on a wall or desk as a paper weight will be the basis of powerful contemplation or conversation on the life, death, and resurrection of a man who changed the world, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting the web site. The internet is amazing to someone born in the middle of World War II and who has plowed and logged behind horses. I've been at the forge off and on since 1975 and of all the things I've made, these nails have become a passion. If you purchase a nail, thanks again and please remember John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Nails are $24.95 each.
Each nail is approximately 12 ounces in weight and seven and a half to eight inches long. Postpaid Priority Mail anywhere in the U.S. No handling charge