Sunday, 15 June 2008

Gallery Eight

I suppose there are few that have yet to watch this shameless twat in this thirty second clip from Sky, but for those that haven't here you go.

I cannot for a moment imagine how the words of this stupid insensitive culpable piece of trash will go down with all those people, both Portuguese or other that gave up days if not weeks searching for the daughter of this odious pair.

Bad enough they wasted their time searching for a child already dead but to have their help so demeaned in such public manner is beyond the pale.

Something's cooking for sure, this Murdoch owned channel first running with hundreds of negative comments on the Amber Alert story and airing just these few particular seconds out of however long the interview was, ain't no accident, not by a long chalk.

Something is coming down, be it oh so long overdue, but coming down it is.

Bring it on.