Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in the small Portuguese village of Luz a party of English and Scots professionals were talking a holiday, a family holiday.

There was one particular couple who were both doctors who were the parents of twins who were not yet two years old and a little girl who was just short of her fourth birthday.

Each and every night of the holiday one parent or the other told the little girl


while we go out on the piss.

So off they went even knowing full well that

Locking the door behind them because they didn't want anybody walking in and robbing them of their goods and chattels they headed off down the road hoping that they would soon be in a

after quaffing many bottles of vino calapso.

And feeling all alone even though she was left with her two siblings who were just toddlers the little girl thought


I'm left all alone

Oh well sobbed the little girl let's

So endeth chapter one.

I dropped on these titles quite by chance whilst searching for something or other, one or two looked interesting and that they might hold potential, again for something or other.

All the records are from one site, it's possible I could have made a smother more flamboyant story if I had gone elsewhere in search of particular titles but I thought I would take up the challenge and try to create something out that which was at hand.

Is there enough "value" in chapter one that would warrant another chapter or two?

There is still enough material to achieve at least one more chapter, it's your say.

The only alteration from the original is the red "T" somewhere in the story.