Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gallery Twelve

I was never quite happy with this set of graphics, so much so they have sat in a folder for a fair while. Each came with it's own caption which I have since deleted and I think they work better for it, how close to the mark they are? perhaps time will tell.

I don't suppose this site would be everybody's cup of tea but quite honestly when I see this kind of shite below it makes me want to throw up.

I find such dedication disturbingly bizarre and more than a little morbid and can't help but wonder just what kind of world these weirdos inhabit.

I'm not going to hotlink to it, just paste this in your browser and add dot com.

And this one for my Portuguese visitors, a tip of the hat to Paulo Reis for the caption.

A short read that mentions Mrs Fenn's niece which might turnout to be quite interesting.