Friday, 5 September 2008

Damning Film of Cadaver Dog Eddie and Blood Dog Keela in McCann's Apartment and Car

Updated video, even more damning.

Wow! what a damning piece of film. little wonder that this was a definitive moment for the PJ in reaching the conclusion that Madeleine was in fact dead and Kate and Gerry McCann were in this up to their miserable necks.

This film is sensational and no doubt it will go viral in the shortest of time, what then McCanns? there will be no more poncing about for you on the world stage or anywhere even the slightest bit public for that matter.

Half the world is about to be shown what we in the other half already know, the McCanns are guilty guilty guilty in the death, the staged abduction and the disposal of the corpse of their daughter Madeleine.

How will your recently departed whore Clarence Mitchell spin this one? something tells me I don't think he will even try.

Jona Morais has stills and much more.

Footnote: If, in the recent past, that I might have had momentary doubts that my graphics were in fact becoming too cutting, then no more.

This piece of film not only vindicates my graphics, it endorses them.

Unrelated: Duarte Levy has an interesting snippet on the Leicestershire cops and tourist photographs.