Friday, 5 September 2008

Gallery Twenty Three

How many of you I have no idea, but I have an idea that there are many among you that have no idea what on earth this is all about.

Well you could go here and learn Wiki and who knows? you too might then decide you also would like to be touched by his noodly appendage.

Or visit the webpage of the creator of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and should you do so check out some of the hate mail, it's priceless.

And while we are on the subject and to get away from those dreadful McCanns for a change, here are a few FSMs from my Only In America blog.

Below: I probably put this one together after watching and posting about Arnold Mendez, (science teacher!) charlatan extroadinere.

I hardly need to introduce the Booper, do I?

I can no longer recall but this bit of surrealism must have been in response to some doozy of a topic the religious right had put forward.

A touch of humour, or blasphemy dependent on your point of view.

This rascal epitomises what counts for reality in the minds of religious America.

This is obviously in response to a retard, and to some fifty five-sixty percent of Americans who firmly believe that the big sky daddy created the earth and all that is upon it in six days and did so less than ten thousand years ago.

That Adam and Eve existed, not only existed but co-existed with dinosaurs, the same dinosaurs I might add that Noah took on his ark, the same ark he built two thousand years before the Iron Age.

Now these might be acceptable beliefs for some retard from Georgia whose sister is his mother, but this wasn't just any old retard, this was a guy running for the Republican nomination to become the next President of the United States of America.

And these weren't privately held views, these views were uttered with pride on national television in front of an audience of tens of millions.

And the scary thing he was quite a serious contender with a passle of support.

I can only thank the stars that I live in a country where it is the kiss of death for any politician foolish enough to play the God card.

I've taken a stab at this one, let's see how close I am after the details are translated.

I came across this when searching "pariah," posted as I found it, how bizarre.