Monday, 1 September 2008

Ten McCann Photographs That Really Piss Me Off

Well twenty one in actual fact, the original concept was for ten but I defy anyone with a bit of passion to hold it down to that number.


Madeleine McCann is dead, the forensics say so, the dogs say so, the cops say so, statistics say so and not least the behavior and actions of her parents say so.

How Madeleine McCann died I have no idea, taking in the evidence that has been made available to date I can only conjure that her death was far from innocent.

What I do know, both in my heart and by looking at the evidence, is that Kate and Gerry McCann conspired with others to remove the body of Madeleine McCann from apartment 5a and further concealed it to avoid discovery of the corpse by the authorities, Portuguese or otherwise.

It is with this in mind, that both parents are complicit in the death of Madeleine, be it an accidental death or otherwise, but of one thing you can be assured, Kate and Gerry McCann are more than culpable in the concealment of Madeleine's body they are criminally involved in it, and again it is this which we must keep in mind when studying these few photographs.

Every photograph of the McCanns and every action by them them that is depicted therein is made that much more heinous by the McCann's involvement and foreknowledge that their own flesh and blood, their own daughter is no longer of this world.


How could I not start with this now infamous photo of the heartbroken parents basking in their new found celebrity.

The occasion and the timing? it is what would have been Madeleine's fourth birthday had she not been "abducted by paedophiles" nine days earlier.


The above photo, this one below and the last one are the only ones that are not posted randomly.

I don't know which of the two photo's, the one above or this one will ultimately become the lasting icon for these two pieces of scum.

I have little idea as to when this photo was taken it's academic really but let us not forget that the paedo's had Madeleine and the grieving parents are pictured here flogging their tacky wares.

Can there have ever, in all of history, have been two parents of a abducted child that behaved such?

But what I find the most bizarre of all is that they stand there shamelessly and exhibit themselves in such a manner, a manner so grotesque that it defies belief and yet somehow in their twisted minds they must look upon themselves as doing the "normal thing"
Quite frankly I believe they are both most certainly and unequivocally deranged.


Let's face it, just about every photo of these two pisses me off but none more so than the Brussels/Strasbourg trips.
What a pair of smug cunts.


Kate McCann possesses the physical attributes that I find attractive in a woman and on occasion she can appear quite stunning, however that said there is something about this Brussels photograph that nauseates me.


There are a couple of things about this next photo that gets my goat. Is this the EU Parliament or an extension of the fraudulent find Madeleine donate to fund scam.

Why is Madeleine's picture up there, who arranged for it to be up there and who the devil condoned it?

Then we have McMillan-Scott and given that he has achieved the heady heights of being a MEP, rightly or wrongly one must assume that he is not devoid of a modicum of intelligence and he, like any of us who would like to be considered thinking people, must know these two are as guilty as sin.

Why then is he aligning himself with these two toerags, what's your agenda matey?


And here be another, Strasbourg this time and the continued latching on to Amber Alert and trying to look so respectable.

How did your daughter die, and where have you hidden the body?


Who the girl is I have no idea, British I believe but it's quite unimportant.

This lass and the hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids around the world that have had there impressionable and vulnerable minds fucked over by the staged abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Maybe more so younger kids that once considered home and a warm bed an unassailable secure and safe environment.

That feeling is tragically is gone for many, if Madeleine can be snatched, so can they.

Nice work McCanns.


Apart from being a brass necked posing pretentious little fuck there is irony in this photo that I am sure is lost on McCann.

Of all the people in all the world who has McCann just had a meeting with?
None other other than Alberto Gonzales, the most corrupt and the most lying Attorney General since Nixon's AG John Mitchell.


It's not that this "we're such happy caring family" photo is posed, false and phony, it's the fact that you could bet the farm that this is a unique experience for the twins.

It's a far cry from being dumped in a creche every goddamned day.


What do we see in the next two photographs, reserved discreet professionals, worthy representatives of the British medical establishment or a couple no taste, no class, low life scallies performing cheap publicity stunts and selling their atrocious tacky wares on the streets of Portugal?

Answers on a postcard please.


Ah! the grieving tour 2007, having traveled to the land where every second person is a swarthy greasy unsavory, and of course furin, child abductor, we look on benignly as the children exhibit posters showing the face of our already dead daughter.

Such lovely people, I'm sure you make your parents so proud.


I couldn't compile this collection without including the whore of all whores.
I shall save you my diatribe, I have no doubt you can supply your own.

Which photograph? any one you wish.


And now my least favorite group of people, the religious.
Not so much those that keep their religion to themselves and quietly go about their devotions, no not that group. t'other group, that group of people who play the Jesus card.

Those that play the Jesus card for their own ends, those that are full of cant, hypocrisy lies and bullshit, those that sit in a church trying to look so pious as they fiddle with their religious gee gaws and knick knacks, those people who do all these things and when in actual fact between them all they they don't have a fucking Christian bone in their collective bodies.

Those that if for one minute thought there really was a god wouldn't be found within a country mile of a church.


Another McCann, no less an odious little fuck than his brother, an odious little fuck that gave up his secure long term employment to live off the bones of his dead niece.

What a piece of shit.


I really have no wish to tell of the emotions that this image evokes in me.
All of them far from good and all of them far from pleasant.


I know you disappeared your own daughter Kate McCann and yet you stand there with that in your hand.



I would be mightily surprised and not a little disappointed if anything came to light that would give me reason to change my impression and gut feeling as to what constitutes the essence of Robert Murat.

Innocent, gentle and all round nice guy, who, if the McCanns, the Tapas Seven and one or two others had had their sordid way, and it was not for want of trying I might add, would have stitched up Murat, and his girl, and sent them both up the river for years.

And it is good to remember that this attempt was not a spur of the moment thing by just one individual to save his arse, this was a deliberate and pre-planned conspiracy of many to foster the blame onto an innocent man.

I sincerely hope you get your life back together Robert, you and your pretty gal.
As I sincerely hope that those that tried to stitch you up get theirs.


The depiction here is quite simple but it does raise a further question.

Just how stupid can one woman be? she is on her way to the local nick, and we all know the outcome of that one, on her way to the nick with her fashion accessory/mascot/I'm such a caring mother because I carry Cuddlecat, on her way to the nick with the bloody thing displayed like a trophy on a sideboard.

You are one dim fucker Kate McCann, how on earth did you ever become a doctor?


There are many things that are distasteful in life, dog turds lying in the street for instance, but those turds and all other things distasteful pale in comparison to what is below.

This is absolute bottom, the pits, the sewer, a sewer running in shit and when the McCanns produced this poster they entered that sewer and found their true level and they swam in shit.

I need say no more.