Thursday, 26 November 2009

The BBC Can Go To The Devil

But they already know that because they are under notice, yet given the two letters below fell through the door on the same day, one has to wonder.

And why so, why no more TV licence from me?

For one. I can live without it and have previously done so for years.

For two. The BBC having taken over the broadcasting of Formula One this year surpassed even their own high standards for outside broadcasting, a truly slick and professional show, quite simply the best coverage ever of the sport.

Having achieved this remarkable standard in their first year, they then destroyed the whole shebang by employing as the main commentator, Jonathan, I'm such a fucking gobshite who knows nothing about F1 but that's not going to stop me talking shite all through the race, Legard, as to make the whole thing unwatchable.

For three, and by no means least. The blatant partiality shown by the BBC in covering the Madeleine McCann case, the ongoing drivel and sycophantic shite that is typified in the post above this, is quite simply, fucking outrageous. And Mike O'Sullivan of BBC's East Midlands? don't set me off.

To bring this dire level of "reporting" into my home, the BBC asks that I unquestionably give them one hundred and forty pounds per annum. Not this kiddy, never ever again.

For readers from abroad. If you own a television set, the licence fee is compulsory.

ETA: Directed to any F1 fans that visit.

I was mortified when Juan Pablo Montoya quit F1 to go roundy roundy redneck racing for Jesus, (NASCAR) but being a fan of this particular fellow, a lifetime first I might add, I just ain't that kind of guy, so being a fan I started to watch live streams of the racing.

I guess you could say JPM and myself went through a similar apprenticeship, JPM to learn how to drive and master an eight hundred horsepower tractor, for want of a better description, and for myself to understand and appreciate that there is an awful lot more to NASCAR than just turning left.

It helped of course, as with all sports, getting to know the individual characters that participated, finally bringing me to say something I never thought I would, NASCAR is more exciting and has better racing than F1.

Congratulations JP Montoya on a great third year in NASCAR.