Monday, 23 November 2009

Gallery Eighty Two

Update: Jeebus!

I see some of the usual suspects are here in force. Every time there is comments allowed for this poor unfortunate child and her beleaguered parents, they all turn up to dispense their vileness and venom.

There is nothing odd about this case, except perhaps the man that was first in charge of the investigation preferred to take long 3 hour lunches instead of looking for the child and then turn his hand to libelling the parents and selling his story in book form and to anyone else that would buy it, thus turning himself into a euro millionaire at the child's expense. Where else have you ever seen such a disgrace as that? The Portuguese courts agree, they have injuncted Amaral.

So you see these poor parents have been conned by British and Portuguese conmen, not bothered about poor little Madeleine, just bothered about making money off of her back and none have done that quite so spectacularly as Goncalo Amaral.

Meanwhile, these poor parents are left desperately trying to search for their daughter on their own, depending on the fund and relatives money to fund the search.

Scotland Yard should be investigating this, Madeleine is a British citizen and a minor, bless her little heart.

It is an absolute disgrace that this country has done nothing to help her parents find this child. The government should negotiate with the Portuguese government to give jurisdiction to detectives from Scotland Yard in Portugal to reopen and run this investigation and all of Scotland Yards technology, like HOLMES should be put to use, after all Madeleine is British, her parents British taxpayers. It is a travesty that this poor child has been abandoned by the British government.
Madeleine McCann fund hired ‘secret agent’ conman. Found in the comments section.

"These are the big boys" - Clarence Mitchell

A private detective whose company was paid up to £500,000 from publicly donated funds to find Madeleine McCann has been charged with fraud.
The McCanns had previously hired Barcelona-based detective agency Metodo 3 on a reported £50,000 a month. But the company lost credibility with the couple when its head of operations claimed he knew who had kidnapped Madeleine and hoped to have her home by Christmas.

After Halligen, the McCanns hired two former British detectives, David Edgar and Arthur Cowley. In August, Mr Edgar appealed for sightings of an Australian 'Victoria Beckham lookalike'. But a Mail on Sunday investigation revealed the detectives had failed to make the most basic of inquiries in Barcelona where the woman was seen.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, insisted the fund had not been duped. more