Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Key Is Not To Ignore The Obvious: Martin Brunt

Such sterling advice from intrepid crime fighter and wanker in general Martin "Brunt of the Yard." in a thirty five second promotional .*

But hey! why listen to your own advice when there is shite aplenty to be writ, typified in this shite article by shite reporter, Martin, I'm such a little whore, Brunt, "of the Yard" no less.

Madeleine: Trust The Portuguese Cops?

The Madeleine appeal relies on the assumption that someone knows her abductor but won't tell because of love, loyalty or fear.

It would be unusual if no-one knew, or was at least suspicious.

The success of the appeal also hinges on that person's guilt at not divulging the secret.

Detectives insist that relationships change and the justification for someone's silence might no longer be so strong.


Any information that emerges will be given to the Portuguese police for them to pursue.

As they have already failed the McCanns can they be relied on to do the right thing next time?

source Life o' Crime

He's such a little contradiction isn't he, such a little whore.

Others who are less than a little impressed with Brunt of the Yard.

"Brunt of the Yard" Joana Morais, opinion and Brunt's DNA in car report.

Mr Martin, "I don't know but I suspect" Brunt: Paulo Reis.

“Crime Expert” Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas, Martin Brunt comes alive: Paulo Reis.

Sky News Special Report: again Paulo Reis, who takes a look at a few of the shortcomings of Brunt of the Yard.

But what did Mr. Martin Brunt forget, while “separating facts from fiction”, in his special report about Madeleine's investigation?

He forget to mention what was the reason of a “dramatic twist” in the case, after “the apartment was re-examined”. Mr. Martin Brunt refers the “dramatic twist, so far” and then jumps immediately to the moment when “Kate McCann was ordered in for questioning” at the PJ headquarters in Portimão. Gerry McCann was next and both were named formal suspects.

Why did it happened, that “dramatic twist”? Why did Mr. Marin Brunt forget to explain the reasons for this “dramatic twist”? This second question only can be answered by Mr. Martin Brunt – and I believe Sky News viewers would like very much to know his explanation.

What we can do, with the help of British Press, is to answer the first question, remind Mr. Brunt of the reasons for that “dramatic twist” and about many other facts that he manipulated, distorted and omitted in his special “report”:

And goes on to remind us of a few direct quotes.

Shutters smashed, Kate told to Jon Corner, the twins godfather

“Close family friend Jon Corner, of Liverpool, told that "Kate said the shutters of the room were smashed. Madeleine was missing. It looks as though someone had gone straight past the twins to get to her. Kate was incredibly upset. I've spoken to her since, and she's still completely devastated.”

Brian Healy, Madeleine's maternal grandfather, told the Guardian his son-in-law had phoned him shortly after returning to the apartment from a nearby restaurant to find Madeleine had disappeared. "Gerry told me when they went back the shutters to the room were broken, they were jemmied up and she was gone," said Mr Healy. "She'd been taken from the chalet. The door was open."

“Mark Warner, the holiday firm which runs the luxury resort, claimed last night there was no sign of a break in at the ground floor apartment overlooking the sea.”

There's nothing new in all this but I thought having come across it on my travels I would post it rather than ignore it.

* The "The Key Is Not To Ignore The Obvious" video isn't really worth watching and only seems to want to open via new links. Hence it's a copy paste job if you must.