Saturday, 7 November 2009

An Interview With Sandra Felgueiras

Unfinished interview that is.

It's at this point that Sandra Felgueiras asks G McCann about the dogs and then we are treated to the father of the abducted girl sniggering in reply, "why don't you ask the dogs," before father of the abducted girl went on to make the claim that dogs are totally unreliable.

And it was at this point I think I finally came to realise that I am sick to fucking death of these two cunts, sick to death of blogging about it, sick to death of the time it consumes and not least sick to death of watching the press, parliament and particularly the bent fucks of Leicestershire police pander to this disgusting pair who are patently guilty of all that of which they are suspected.

Is this the end of it? no, but it's certainly time for a break.


eta: concluded here.