Monday, 23 March 2009

Over To You Isobel Barnett

This post is somewhat esoteric, not least because of the vintage of both show and viewers.

For those outside the loop here is a brief history of the show and the inimitable Isobel Barnett (Wiki bio) who more often than not displayed a remarkable ability in guessing the correct "line" of the hidden guest.

And true to form, though beit from the grave, Isobel comes up trumps again.

Tragically she didn't handle her dotage very well.

It needs not I to highlight the more contemptible and repugnant parts of this shabby missive, they I'm sure will not escape your notice.

It's almost 18 months since Madeleine was taken from her bed while on
holiday in Portugal with her Mummy Daddy baby brother and sister.
With everything else that is going on in the papers (credit crunch,
housing market, recession, US Presidential elections) the heartache felt
by Madeleine's family continues. We must keep circulating her
photo....if we can get it to as many people round the world as we can,
it might just be YOUR e-mail that triggers someone's memory or makes
someone take a second look at a little girl standing next to them in a shop or
sitting opposite them on a bus or even moving in next door.
Please don't just hit delete because you think it's a lost cause.....
spare a moment to think how you would feel if she was your little girl,
your grand daughter, your neice......and someone received this e-mail
and thought 'you know what....I just can't be asked to forward this stuff on
anymore'..... do the right thing.....fill your To: box with all the names
in your address book and hit send.
John McCann
Tas de merde.