Saturday, 14 March 2009

Gallery Thirty One

Here's something a little different for a change.

I don't give a tuppenny damn what Mosley gets up to in private, it's nobodies business but his own and certainly not the business of a Sunday Rag, so why Max?

It has much to do with him being pissed with power and his abuse of that power and perhaps more than a small possibility that I'm a McLaren supporter.

His recent attempt to curb press freedoms are not to be taken lightly by any means, (hence the graphics) but the Genesis of this story really starts with Formula One and Mosley's power run amok.

I wrote about it at the time under the banner Christmas Comes Early For Ron And Martin

I think it's no accident that the News of the World, proprietor Rupert Murdoch, splashed this all over the front page, because sometimes when a newspaper, The Times, proprietor Rupert Murdoch, is served with a writ for libel it's not totally out of the question that said proprietor, fights back, and fights back in the dirtiest of ways and they don't come any dirtier than Murdoch. more

and below an update that story and show Max Mosley for the vindictive cunt that he is and the dangers of unrestricted power:

Alan Donnelly former Labour MEP (explains a lot), the FIA’s representative on earth and chief defender of Max Mosley — is expending his energy trying to dissuade the BBC from employing Martin Brundle. This is despite the fact that Brundle is widely regarded as one of the best pundits in any sport, never mind F1. more

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