Sunday, 8 March 2009

Prime Minister Would You Tell The House....

Why, in spite of being named as a person of interest and officially declared arguido by the Portuguese police in a case that has still yet to be resolved.

In spite of being the last person to see Madeleine McCann alive.

In spite of false statements given to the police regarding an abduction, of which I might add there is not one scrap of evidence to support.

In spite of his wife's refusal to answer numerous extremely relevant questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter.

In spite of his refusal to return to Portugal and attend a reconstruction of the events of May third two thousand and seven.

In spite of indications given by two highly regarded British trained dogs that blood, body fluids and the scent of a cadaver were found in numerous locations and items connected to the McCanns and again I might add to no other locations or to no other persons.

In spite of a senior British police officer sent to Portugal to assist in this case as being quoted to have said that he had previously arrested people on far less evidence than that which was accumulating against the McCanns.

Why then Prime Minister does this government see fit to lend respectability and credibility by inviting, to give his opinions before a Commons Select Committee, Doctor Gerry McCann?

And there is as much chance of Cameron asking these types of questions as there is of Brown answering them.

I don't know which is the most sickening, McCann or this Government.