Monday, 16 March 2009

Gallery Thirty Two

Seventeen minutes, though effectively only fourteen minutes long, this is a must watch clip and from the eight minute mark..........well, just watch.

A Nose For Crime - "The Doberman Gang" segment A Nose For Crime produced with our help for Animal Planet by Fleisher Film, Inc. is a documentary that profiles the courageous and amazing efforts of dogs who sniff out evidence in crime scenes. link

A very comprehensive report by Tony Bennett on Eddie and Keela and the implications resulting from the dog's alerts can be found here.

Any sentiments previously alluded to be extraneous here.

As you know I could fill the page with dozens more examples of "wonderful parents happy family" photo ops but seeing as this is an invasion of privacy issue let me just post this example of the insidious attempt by the McCanns to try and give their search for their already dead child some degree of "truth and respectability."

Gerry McCann you are some piece of shit.

As Mari Luz's father would no doubt agree with me.

The former footballer has consulted lawyers and says he may take legal action against the McCanns for using his daughter's picture without permission. He also plans to make a formal complaint to the British Embassy in Madrid.

Mr Cortes, now a builder, told a press conference in Spain on Sunday he does not want the cases to be linked by the posters.

"They are two totally distinct cases, with two completely different lines of investigation," said Mr Cortes, 34. more