Sunday, 15 March 2009

Trivia And A Thought

These few lines were originally a post script to the post below.

Trivia footnote and a thought, though initially I only intended to mention the trivia.

"Twopen'orth" in the vernacular, two penny worth not "tuppence." as previously employed in certain quarters in what must the most bizarre statement ever given by the mother of a "kidnapped" child.

I quite often find myself feeling sorry for Kate McCann and "the situation she finds herself in," obviously a situation engineered by her bollocks of a husband, who once having put his grubby paws on the tiller, Kate McCann I feel was just a passenger on what has turned out to be a very long and seemingly endless stormy passage.

Kate McCann didn't have the smarts, or the arrogance for that matter, to have come up with such a hair brained scheme as the abduction scenario, I just think she was swept along by Captain Bollocks and his insane plan, never having the opportunity to tell the truth or grieve in a dignified manner the death of her child.

This of course based on the premiss that Kate had no direct involvement in Madeleine's demise notwithstanding her neglect and irresponsibility towards Madeleine.

There are a thousand and one seemingly voluntary statements and actions since given and past performed by Kate that would question her worthiness as a recipient for third party pity, but irrespective of this bizarre behaviour I do feel pity for the woman.

Until I remember Robert Murat, Brussels, Popes and all the rest of it that has come to pass.

The truth will come out one day, it's inevitable, there are too many people privy to the events and even more are privy to the reasons of why such extraordinary protection was afforded to you.

But from who's lips shall we hear the truth Kate?

Yet do I pity? yes, each new day must be hell on earth.