Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gallery Fifty Four

Now wouldn't that be something to warm the cockles of your heart. You wouldn't have to stretch the imagination to wonder how much thought the good citizens of Rothley give to all the lives and livelihoods in and around Luz that have been ruined by this pair of no class scallies.

And whatever you do don't accuse me of being jealous, I have lived in such a place, and a far more upmarket and consequently smugger place than Rothley. I can still hear the echoes of "I've arrived, I've arrived" as the latest pair of shallow cunts took up residence.

You can imagine the type I'm sure, the type that go on a European holiday to a wine producing country and drink New Zealand wine, class, real class.
~ ~ ~

'Twould appear the natives of Rothley are a tad upset having come down to breakfast and found Tony Bennett's flyer pushed through the letter box, seems the truth don't sit too well with scrambled eggs.

I wonder how many of those that vocalised about the leaflet don't want to hear the truth because it might just have too much of an impact on their smug little lives and their smug little village to realise that they have as their good neighbours the most despicable, and one day soon, the most infamous pair of criminals in English history.

There are none so blind as those that will not see, or to put it another way......

OK OK I know, good intentions and all that, but there is a limit.
I don't know what galvanised me into action more, looking at Mitchell's "I'm such a bollocks" face or reading the shite that came out of the mouth Dave Edgars lying gob. What a two bit whore if ever there was. What a pair of matching slimeballs, what a pair of disgusting fucking creatures.