Monday, 17 August 2009

Gallery Fifty Six

Thought For Today: Censorship.

There's no small amount of faux moral outrage and indignation floating about of late, accompanied of course by the incessant bullshit that has become a key component in this ghastly affair.

Mitchell's "our" lawyers are keeping close watch, and The Star's "we can't re-print the Ten Questions for legal reasons are but to two that immediately spring to mind.

Whereas we might consider the basic purpose of censorship is to shut the writer/speaker up, it's real purpose and effect is to deny you the RIGHT TO LISTEN.

No matter how vile an organisation is, be it the BNP, the pro-life terrorists or any other off the wall extremist organisation, the RIGHT TO LISTEN to what they say is the fundamental corner stone of any free society.

For those not too familiar with English colloquialisms here's a bit on tripe, disgusting stuff that it is.

It's more years ago than I care to remember and what I can remember is more than a tad vague, but one of the daily's ran a weekly spoof letter from newly arrived to this country "Ali," to his brother in Pakistan where he tried to describe some of the more quirky habits of the English.

Eating "white elastic" (tripe) is one that has stuck in the memory box and the other was "suppedsomestuff," the art of going out on a Friday night and chucking vast quantities of bitter (beer) down one's neck and rolling home legless.

Not like me to invoke the supernatural, but there you go.

Not for one minute do I consider the McCanns are being stalked, but for two arseholes who have hounded every motherfucker and his dog all over Europe and North Africa they've got some brass neck even mentioning the word.

But that you already know.

"From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party: