Saturday, 29 August 2009

List Of Shame

I despair, I really do. Just how transparent does a case of faking an abduction have to be before one of these cocksuckers says, "hang on a minute this is nonsense, a half wit can see what's going on here?"

I use the word "say" metaphorically of course, it's hard to say anything when you are on your knees and your mouth is full of Mitchell-McCann cock. Little point in me asking have they no shame, it's patently obvious, as patently obvious as the guilt and the lies that have come out of the mouths of the McCanns, the Tapas Seven and Clarence, I'm such a Lying cunt, Mitchell ever since day one of this sordid tragedy cum farce.

But the day will come, hopefully sooner than later, when something breaks in this case, something so glaringly blatant that it cannot be put aside or swept under the rug any more and ALL those involved in this foul travesty will at last face the justice that is due to them.

When that day does finally come it will be then that I shall publish in the largest boldest font possible, the words, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO, though I do feel I won't hold exclusive rights to this little piece of phraseology .

I do take some comfort that Madeleine McCann will not become another JonBenet Ramsey, and my reasoning is quite simply, two people, one of them now dead, know what truly happened to JonBenet that night in Boulder Colorado, just two people, unlike of course the vastly different number of people who are well aware of the fate of Madeleine McCann.

And as history has taught us, "Three may keep a secret-if two of them are dead."
How many know the secret of this despicable pair, how long before one of them gives the McCanns up?

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