Friday, 28 August 2009

Gallery Fifty Nine

Occasionally when news is slow and you're just wondering where the next bit of inspiration is going to come from, sometimes something drops in your lap, a bit like pasta from heaven if you will.

True to form, what with this lass turning up after umpteen years, the McCanns are all over it like a rash, but it wasn't this latest latching on that started the creativity flowing, but rather reading about a previous leach like performance when the duo despicable climbed aboard the Fritzl bandwagon.

I will have to admit that at the time, and still for that matter, it struck me as a tad strange that the McCanns used this case as an example of what might be, after all, it was Daddy that dunit.

So here is a little collection then, inspired by just the one short article.

h/t JKH