Friday, 21 August 2009

Stuart Prior. The FSS. Kate McCann's Fingerprints. What Hair?

Given my obsession, and let's face it, obsession it is, for me and countless others around the world.

Hard then you might think that a bloke such as myself, in spite of having printed out three copies (intro to chapter seventeen) of Amaral's book, that I have barely read a word of it.

Deferring the pleasure then until fellow obsessive, and aren't we so very grateful that she is, deferring the pleasure then until I could sit down and read in one hit the tireless translation by Anna Andress, into English, the complete work by Goncalo Amaral, A Verdade da Mentira. (The Truth of the Lie) Anna Andress, so many many thank yous.

Cor Blimey! Cor blimey with knobs on!! If the rest of the book asks as many questions and is as damning as chapter eighteen is, then I must defer the pleasure no more and read the ninety percent of the book that is presently available, as I thoroughly recommend you do the same.

The Truth of the Lie (Anna Andress)

Or here. goncaloamaraltruthofthelie.blogspot

Footnote. A Verdade da Mentira has to date been published in Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Spanish yet strangely not in English.
For an English version we have to rely on one of those nasty irresponsible bloggers.

It's a funny old world.