Monday, 18 May 2009

"of course the McCanns are totally innocent"

Correction on the quote, the header was a third party source, now amended after accessing online transmission.

"the McCanns-clearly innocent-absolutely clearly innocent"

said Mirror hack shaking his head in denial as he inspected the shine on his shoes.
Hardly the place to air your views was it Roddy darling, a program on body langauge?

The same Rod Chaytor by the way that brought you the drivel in the previous post and one or two other slightly favourable McCann articles.

For those of you outside the UK it was an interesting program even including foot in mouth moments at the close, I think you can expect to see the program uploaded somewhere on the web over the next day or two. Tears Lies and Videotape.

h/t "screachowl" for the list.

Of course they're innocent, just ask Leicestershire plod.