Monday, 21 September 2009

Gallery Sixty Five

A First rate article: May 4 - The Performance of a Lifetime. at the Cracked Mirror.

.........Victories could also be pyrrhic, as in the case of William Roache whom Carter-Ruck encouraged to sue The Sun for saying he was boring. Roache was awarded £50,000 but as the paper had already paid that amount into court, Roache ended up having to pay his own costs and those of The Sun. He tried to sue Carter-Ruck but was unsuccessful and declared bankruptcy.

In 1980, Daily Express editor Derek Jameson had been advised by Carter-Ruck that if he sued the BBC over their portrayal of him in a Weekending sketch, he would win at least £25,000 in damages. The barrister in the case, David Eady QC, however advised Carter-Ruck to accept the BBC's offer to settle for £10 (sic) plus costs. Carter Ruck did not disclose this advice to his client. The jury found the broadcast defamatory, but also fair comment and Jameson had to pay costs.[3], receiving a bill for £41,342.50 from Carter-Ruck. Jameson learned by chance of the QC's advice and Carter-Ruck's former partner David Hooper claimed that "Carter-Ruck told him a string of lies".[4] Carter-Ruck later claimed that he did not want to undermine Jameson's morale in court.[5]

Did someone mention Pinochet? one from the archives, rather aptly named I thought.

MacIntyre, who has exposed drug dealers and soccer hooligans, believes the abductors were in the apartment when Gerry went to check on Madeleine and her two siblings.

The McCanns’ investigators say they are already probing MacIntyre’s findings and agree with most of his theories.

Just a non story reporting the previous non story.

And Edgar just never knows when to stop.