Monday, 28 September 2009

Thought For Today: Donal MacIntyre

Updated, see below.

Do I owe Donal MacIntyre an apology?

For me to do so I have to credit the Express with a quality I have trouble associating them with; subtlety.

I'm far from convinced that I do, not given all the shameful tripe and sycophantic drivel they have published since they rolled over.

And in this climate of drivel how can I be convinced that the article, so poorly researched, so lacking in substance, and so ridiculous to anybody that has taken a moment or two to study the facts of the case, is not to be taken at face value?

Although the offending article could be construed as great satire, and if it were in fact satirical, I think it's a stretch for the Express to expect it's readers to differentiate between the tripe it normally publishes and this particular piece of nonsense.

And of course let us not forget the dots.

If anybody has a rational argument in favour of an apology, please convince me, I'm fluid on this one and I have no prejudice, not against a bloke I had never previously heard of.


By Dr Martin Roberts for the McCannfiles
20 September 2009

Donal MacIntyre

MADELEINE McCann was abducted by at least two kidnappers who must have carried out several dry runs in the days leading up to her disappearance.

and repeatedly came within seconds of capture - see below

After spending a week on the ground investigating the case and the methods used by the kidnappers, I can only conclude that they must have entered the apartment to carry out a rehearsal, because they were working to an incred­ibly tight schedule.

There are other conclusions available. And why only one rehearsal among 'several dry runs'? Presumably they entered via the patio doors. So why didn't Gerry do the same?

The three-minute time frame they allowed themselves left no margin for error.

I think you'll find, Donal, that after studying the movements of the McCanns for several days and noticing that their conscientious return visits to the apartment were regular as clockwork at twenty minute intervals, the criminals would have allowed themselves fifteen minutes, not three

But even though they did their homework with meticulous care, they still came within seconds of capture.

and on more than one occasion

I believe the focus of the investigation for the private investigators hired by Madeleine's parents should be on a breakdown of who was in and around the Mark Warner Ocean Club in Praia da Luz throughout their holiday.

The PJ thought the same. Unfortunately, the Tapas 7 begged to differ. On the plus side, we do have a collection of Rogatory Interviews, and the private investigators don’t have to travel all over Europe to question them further. more