Thursday, 17 September 2009

Gallery Sixty Four

Things my Daddy told me.

My father, to put it mildly, was a hard bugger, a hard bugger and his own man.

It must have been sometime back in the thirties when some cop or other made the mistake of, to use the contemporary phrase, dissing my old feller.

Not surprisingly then that the cop was told to go fuck himself, and I suppose equally without surprise the old man found himself arrested on a charge of using obscene language in a public place.

Now he wasn't terribly phased about this, but what did concern him was having a conviction at a time when he needed to be squeaky clean because of some job he was applying for.

Having little option other than to lawyer up, daddy consults a no nonsense Yorkshire lawyer.

"You tell me the truth and let me tell the lies." was the lawyers opening gambit, fair enough says father and puts his cards on the table.

A simple defence by our no nonsense lawyer, "Why would my client go to all this trouble and expense in order to avoid a ten shilling fine, quite simply your honour because he is not guilty."

Case dismissed, father got the job he wanted, not to mention gaining an enemy for life in the local plod.

And while I'm scribbling. Were I innocent and someone falsely accused me of offing my daughter, understandably I would be a tad vexed and quite motivated to do one of two things.

I would invite my accuser to meet me in a public forum, counter every question put to me with the truth, and in doing so dismiss forever any doubts that my accuser or the public held regarding my involvement in her demise.

The other option, though somewhat less sophisticated, would be to jump on a plane, knock on my accuser's door, and when he answered it, proceed to beat the shit out of him.

As I say, hardly sophisticated, but extremely satisfying. That's what I would do if I were innocent.

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Deja Bloody Vous, Spot The Pattern, Spot The Players, Spot The Bullshit.

The Guardian can reveal evidence today of a massive cover-up by the British oil trader Trafigura, in one of the worst pollution disasters in recent history......

Trafigura has been publicly insisting for three years that its waste was routine and harmless. It claims it was "absolutely not dangerous".......

Trafigura's libel lawyers, Carter-Ruck, recently demanded the Guardian deleted published articles, saying it was "gravely defamatory" and "untrue" to say Trafigura's waste had been dumped cheaply and could have caused deaths and serious injuries. The Dutch paper Volkskrant and Norwegian TV said they were yesterday also threatened with gagging actionsTrafigura also launched a libel action against the BBC's Newsnight, complaining it had been wrongly accused of causing deaths, disfigurement and miscarriages, and had "suffered serious damage to their reputation". The BBC filed a fighting defence this week, accusing Trafigura of knowing its chemicals were "highly toxic, potentially lethal and posed a serious risk to public health". The broadcaster also alleged a cover-up, saying Trafigura's denials "lack credibility and candour".......

Trafigura's lobbyists, Bell Pottinger, claimed to be "appalled" by the report, saying it was "premature", "inaccurate", "potentially damaging", "poorly researched", and "deeply flawed"........

Trafigura said it "utterly rejected" claims of a cover-up. more the Guardian, or if you struggle as I with the Guardian, a different link here.

h/t Anonymous.

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Question: Do you think it was a mere coincidence, the fact that the judge who decided over the apprehension of your book was the same who condemned the Portuguese State to pay 131 thousand euro of compensation to Paulo Pedroso?

If anybody has photo's of her Ladyship (judge Amélia Maria de Matos Puna Loupo and would care to send them to me it would be appreciated, thanks.