Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Gallery Sixty Two

On a number of occasions he noticed an unpleasant smell in the vehicle that he put down to the twins used nappies which had been discarded with the general waste. He was not aware of any spillages in the vehicle or anyone cleaning it.
Michael further stated that on 6th May he purchased a large quantity of Pizza's from the pizza shack on the beach at Praia da Luz. The girl serving him was from Liverpool and after introductions she said her father "George" had seen a man carrying a child in the early hours of 4th May in the resort. He is unaware if "George" has ever spoken to the authorities. Statement from Michael, I'm such a transparent fucking liar, Wright, rogatory interview.

What a strange family indeed, every last one of them has a pre-occupation with dirty nappies, pizza, rotting meat and of course doing the tip run.

What a great day for the cause, nice move, innocent parents of abducted daughter.

And having spent more hours today than I care to admit to on a graphic I won't publish and on this one below, I thought I would throw up a few from the archives, just a reminder of some of the main players that have nailed their colours to the mast, or if you prefer, are flying with the crows.

Tiocfaidh Ar La.

Discerning tastes methinks, Betty and Olive, though perhaps not a view shared universally.