Saturday, 12 September 2009

The McCanns, Dogs, My Fellow Citizens, The Media. May I Draw Your Attention?

Much has been written, for the most part quite poorly, about Martin Grime and his dogs, that coming in the main from those that think the McCanns are the victims not the perpetrators of this crime.

I have no intention of writing chapter and verse on the subject, I shall keep it as brief as possible, wanting only to draw your attention to a few salient facts that seem to have conveniently been ignored by all and sundry.

But facts they are, undeniable, irrevocable and damming. Facts, that were they associated with any crime other than Circus McCann, then one would expect the press and more importantly Leicestershire Police to look and interpret these facts in a manner far different to the one they employ at present.

Fact 1: The last people to see the child alive were the parents.

Fact 2: The Dogs alerted to areas in the McCann residence and no other.

Fact 3: The dogs alerted to clothes worn by Kate McCann and no other.

Fact 4: The dogs alerted to the McCanns Vehicle and no other.

Fact 5: Where the dogs gave alerts, DNA was found.

But of these few facts it is number five that is the most crucial and the most damning. I won't even argue who's DNA it was, the dogs cannot be rubbished when DNA was collected at the positions that they indicated.

Yet these facts (expanded below) do not seem to matter.

It's a funny old world.

Facts from the DVD Process

- According to a preliminary, not final report, made by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) of Birmingham, England, this cellular material belongs to MADELEINE.

- Besides the cadaver scent dog strongly alerted to the room where the McCann couple used to sleep.

- There was also a new strong cadaver scent alert given on KATE's clothes.

- There was also a strong cadaver scent alert in the car used by the couple (since May 27th, 2007), along with the human blood detecting dog's alert to the luggage compartment of that vehicle.

- The before mentioned FSS's Interim Report indicated that there are, resulting from the examinations made to the luggage compartment, biological components that may be compatible with the ones of the minor ; however, this test does not definitely show that the traces originated in MADELEINE's body.

- The cadaver scent dog, as well as the human blood detecting dog, also gave Alert to the key of the before mentioned vehicle. The Laboratory also confirmed the existence of GERALD McCANN's DNA in the key. Furthermore, this last Alert was given by the dog's when the key was placed away from the vehicle and in a place out of sight.

1. Apartment 5 A, Ocean Club resort, the place from where the little girl disappeared:

Cadaver scent dog:
*in the couple’s bedroom, in a corner, next to the wardrobe
*in the living-room, behind the sofa, next to the apartment’s side window;

Human blood detecting dog:
*in the living-room, behind the sofa, next to the apartment’s side window (exactly in the same place the dead body scent dog gave the alert);

2. Yard area close to apartment 5 A:
Cadaver scent dog:
*in one of the flower beds – the trainer commented on the swiftness of the detected scent;

3. Apartment where the other GROUP members were lodged:
*NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;

4. Current house of the MCCANN couple (at the time the inspection was carried out):
*NOTHING was found in the house by any of the dogs;

5. In the village of Luz:
*NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs;

6. In the clothes and belongings of the MCCANN family;
Cadaver scent dog:
*in two pieces of cloth of KATE HEALY
*in one piece of cloth of the minor MADELEINE
*Possibly, in the cuddly toy of MADELEINE (the cadaver scent was detected while the cuddly toy was still inside the house where the family stayed at that time).
*the alert was confirmed outside the house;

7. In the vehicle used by the MCCANN family;
Cadaver scent dog:
*alerted to the car key;

Human blood detecting dog;
*alerted to the car key;
*alerted to the inside of the car’s luggage compartment;

8. In the vehicle used by a friend of the family, who was lodged in the same resort for some days at the same time:
*NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs:

9. In all vehicles used by the arguido [formal suspect] ROBERT MURAT and by persons close to him:
*NOTHING was found by any of the dogs.

(In a total of ten vehicles, the dead body scent dog and the blood scent dog only alerted to the vehicle of the MCCANN family, rented on May 27)(...)

• Forensic examinations are being carried out to the places and objects marked by the human blood scent dog and to which this dog gave alert.

• Based on the performance of the dog team, revealing the possibility of the presence of a body in the apartment and in the vehicle used by the MCCANN family, and in order to give GERALD MCCANN and KATE HEALY the chance to have their position in the proceedings safeguarded, they were named arguidos [formal suspects], merely due to the possibility of their involvements with a possible cadaver.

Joana has more incongruences but for the purpose of this article I have kept it specific to the dogs.